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How Interactive Intelligence Is Helping Improve Customer Service At B&H Photo

With: Don Brown, Interactive Intelligence

Don Brown shares insights into how Interactive Intelligence is automating B&H call center processes. The company also works with Kohl's and other large retail companies. Brown talks about the growing importance of video customer service, for example to enable customer service agents to model clothing for shoppers. Speech analytics also is becoming an important element of contact center operations.


What Are The Top Mobile Trends And Challenges Among Retailers?

With: Chris Bishop, Founder and CEO of 7thingsmedia

Should retailers be investing in a mobile-optimized site or mobile app? Can push notifications truly drive consumer action? Will beacons ever become mainstream in the retail industry? These were among the questions asked and answered during the FD Mobile Summit, which was held at the Digital Sandbox in NYC. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Chris Bishop, Founder and CEO of 7thingsmedia, shares his thoughts on top mobile trends, and discusses how the agency helps brands and retailers reach their mobile goals.


Enabling Agile Implementation With Accessible Mobile Publishing Tools

With Carin van Vuuren, CMO, Usablenet

"Marketers are still battling to be fully optimized with mobile," noted Carin van Vuuren, CMO of Usablenet. To help improve personalization strategies with mobile, marketers need to be thinking about the tools they can employ to create more sophisticated campaigns in an agile way. She shared examples of two retailers that are seeing success with new, seamless mobile strategies: the UK's John Lewis and U.S.-based Dress Barn.


DGROUP Helps Implement Successful Cross-Channel Solution At E-Plus Gruppe

With Marcus Hoischen, Associate Partner, DGROUP

Marcus Hoischen, Associate Partner with DGROUP worked with Germany-based E-Plus Gruppe to implement a new cross-channel strategy. He emphasizes the importance of executive sponsorship for any project, but specifically for cross-channel initiatives. As an implementation partner, “We delivered quick successes,” Hoishcen noted. “Within eight weeks we delivered our first use case.” Now implemented across all 400 stores, the OneView Commerce solution is delivering profitable results.


How Store Analytics Is Turning Brick Into The New Black

With Cliff Crosbie, SVP of Global Retail, Prism Skylabs

A key theme at the National Retail Federation's annual BIG Show was the reinvention of the brick-and-mortar store. New technology is empowering retailers to create more enjoyable and memorable customer experiences. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Cliff Crosbie, SVP of Global Retail at Prism Skylabs, outlines how store analytics is helping retailers understand the customer path-to-purchase, and how that can help improve merchandising and overall store layout.

"Retailers can understand what happens online and there's a lot of data around that," Crosbie said. "But they can't always understand what's happening in the store. We're trying to help them better understand the customer journey and make changes to the experience accordingly."


Mastering The Art And Science Of Pricing

With Anthony Smith, Director of Science Services, Revionics

The importance of being price-competitive is no longer limited to the holiday season. In order to stand out against competitors while maximizing profits, retailers must learn to craft more efficient pricing and promotions strategies.

During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Anthony Smith, Director of Science Services at Revionics, discusses how retailers can use Revionics solutions to adjust and adapt their strategies based on customer preferences as well as competitor data.


Solving The Cloud Conundrum

With Paula Da Silver, VP of Large Enterprise - Retail, CitiXsys

The cloud has played a starring role in the retail industry for several years now. However, many retailers still don't fully understand what it means to embrace the cloud, according to Paula Da Silva, Vice President of Large Enterprise - Retail at CitiXsys, shared how she thinks the cloud is really shaking up retail. Additionally, she discussed how the cloud is impacting mobile adoption, and how both trends will come front and center in 2015.


Social Media Helps Build Omnichannel Engagement

With Randy Davidson, Retail Solutions Architect, UXC Eclipse

Despite omnichannel becoming table stakes for retailers, many organizations are still struggling to create a seamless experience across all channels. 

"As a consumer, the experience I have in a store is different than when I'm on my mobile phone," said Randy Davidson, Retail Solutions Architect for UXC Eclipse. "They're looking for a seamless experience regardless of where they shop." 

In this episode of TouchPoints TV, Davidson discusses how best-in-class retailers can integrate social data and feedback into the omnichannel journey to personalize the shopping experience and, in turn, boost engagement. 


Hopping On The IoT Bandwagon

With Nick D'Alessio, Global Retail Practice Leader at Zebra Technologies

The buzz surrounding gadgets such as smart watches, smart thermostats and even connected glasses has accelerated awareness of the Internet of Things (IoT). But like any new trend, it is challenging to fully understand IoT, what it means and how it will impact the retail industry.

In this episode of TouchPoints TV, Nick D'Alessio, Global Retail Practice Leader at Zebra Technologies, breaks down IoT by defining the trend, what technologies will play a role and how retailers can embrace IoT to improve the omnichannel experience.


Turning Big Data Into Valuable Insights

With Lisa Arthur, Chief Marketin Officer, Teradata Applications

Retailers of all sizes and across categories are striving to create a single, 360-degree view of each customer. However, many organizations are struggling to tackle a "data hairball" within their organization, according to Lisa Arthur, Chief Marketing Officer of Teradata Applications and author of Big Data Marketing.This data hairball consists of new data streams from social networks, mobile apps and even smart fitting rooms. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Arthur discusses how 7-Eleven and DSW are creating more compelling, real-time marketing and engagement strategies. In addition, Arthur shares key findings from upcoming Teradata research that points to the shift from "personalization" to "individualization."


Extending The Brand Voice With Technology

With Russel Young, SVP of Marketing, Stratacache

Russell Young, SVP of Marketing at Stratacache shares insights on today’s customer journey. “We want to focus on connecting with the customer on their terms,” Young explained. “Not technology in their face, but giving them the opportunity to connect with the brand…through interactive devices in-store or through their own mobile.” One way retailers can reach customer more effectively is to extend their voice outside of the four walls of the stores, into the parking lot with relevant communications delivered via mobile apps. 

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