Podcast: ‘Contextual Commerce’ and the Future of TV Advertising

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With stay-at-home orders in place earlier this year, people nationwide often passed the time bingeing on TV and movies across multiple devices and platforms. Since streaming services disrupted traditional TV advertising as we once knew it, the days when brands and retailers could push messaging via commercial spots and see revenue roll in are over. With more households bingeing on Netflix, Hulu and Apple+ content, companies need a more contextual way to reach and influence consumers. 

Laura and Hank Frecon started Source Digital as a result of Laura’s work as a costume designer for shows like “Mad Men” and “True Blood.” She wanted to find a better, more organic way to connect viewers to the products featured in specific scenes. So, if a viewer admired an article of clothing or wanted to try a bottle of wine featured in a show, they could easily get that information and make their purchase.

Now, the company is helping usher in a new era of “contextual commerce” and driving innovation in one of advertising’s most renowned channels. During this Retail Remix episode, Laura and Hank share:

  • What “contextual commerce” is;
  • How it’s evolving and advancing as a result of COVID-19;
  • Applications and use cases for different product categories; and
  • How “contextual commerce will impact media buying and marketing strategy.




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