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Janam XM5 Rugged Scanners Ease Application Migration

SS Janam ImageWith mobile technology in hand, employees can complete and manage tasks in a more streamlined fashion. However, most consumer-grade mobile devices do not have the optimal hardware design for more rugged environments.

Janam Technologies has released the XM5 family of rugged mobile computers, designed to specifically meet the needs of retailers. The devices are optimized for barcode scanning and wireless communication, and help eliminate the stress and cost associated with forced application migration and hardware upgrades.  


PCMS VISION OnDemand App Helps Connect Retail Silos

SS PCMSVISION ImageAlthough retailers of all sizes and categories recognize the importance of creating a seamless experience across all channels, not all organizations are equipped to address this new business imperative.

To help guide retailers towards omnichannel excellence, PCMS has released VISION OnDemand, a platform designed to unify all channels and devices throughout the customer journey. As a result, consumers can receive a unified experience, whether they’re shopping in stores, online or using a mobile app. VISION OnDemand also gives associates access to omnichannel shopper data and inventory information, so they can acquire a 360-degree picture of the business as well as their customers.  


FootClicks Offers Proximity Marketing Solutions Through Mobile Devices

SS Footclicks ImageAlthough consumers have access to more shopping channels than ever before, the brick-and-mortar store provides emotional engagement that, to some, is unparalleled. To make the in-store shopping experience even more compelling, retailers can leverage proximity marketing solutions.

FootClicks is an indoor location platform designed to help retailers engage and influence shoppers through their smartphones. The platform’s Sensor Fusion technology is embedded into a retailer’s app, and uses multiple sensor readings from shoppers’ smartphones to calculate position and movement. Although there is no need for additional hardware, FootClicks is designed to integrate with beacons and other in-store technology.


Oracle Solutions Help IT Departments Adapt To Industry Trends

SS Oracle ImageIT departments are tasked with the challenge of adapting to new technology and shopping trends. Although they need to constantly embrace new solutions and business capabilities, they also need to maintain existing systems.  

Oracle has unveiled a series of Oracle Retail Cloud Services to help merchants make consistent upgrades to their internal operations, while enabling internal IT departments to focus on differentiating the customer experience and driving growth.


GoSpotCheck Streamlines Field Audit And Survey Execution

SS GoSpotCheck ImageDuring their scheduled audit routine, sales reps and merchandisers often must gather data around specific products, inventory levels and pricing. This data, whether tracked through spreadsheets, paper forms or photos, can be difficult to analyze once it is sent back to management.

Mobile data collection software from GoSpotCheck enables brands to streamline their sales and merchandising team’s surveys, audits and reports. Retailers can provide the GoSpotCheck mobile app to their sales teams to get real-time information on merchandising, product line performance and competitive research.


Monolith Tracks And Measures In-Store Shopper Behaviors

There are myriad of digital tools and technologies that allow retailers to track online shopping behaviors. Now, new solutions are helping organizations gather more insights around consumers’ in-store shopping journeys, which allow them to make better marketing and merchandising decisions.

In-store analytics solution provider Monolith has released a retail optimization tool designed to capture in-store data points and convert them into valuable insights that can be used to drive sales.


Loop Commerce Improves The E-Gift Giving Experience

SS Loop Commerce imagePurchasing gifts for friends and family members can be an arduous process if a consumer doesn’t know exactly what to buy. There is always a risk that the gift will disappoint, and that the recipient will eventually return the item to the store.

To mitigate these returns and boost customer satisfaction, Loop Commerce has developed an SaaS solution that allows shoppers to purchase gifts online and have them delivered directly to their friends and family members. The solution is integrated with numerous brands and retailers, and takes shape in the form of a red “e-gift this” button placed throughout online stores and product pages.


Bindo Helps SMBs Keep Pace With Omnichannel Trends

SS site only Bindo imageAlthough SMBs want to keep pace with the latest industry trends, they often require more cost-efficient tools and solutions.   

Bindo POS has released a cloud-based iPad POS solution designed to address the needs and budgets of SMBs. Featuring mobile POS, inventory management, customer loyalty, CRM, invoicing, e-Commerce and multi-store integration capabilities, the solution is designed to unify data and operations across all channels and departments.


TradeGecko Helps Improve Wholesale Inventory Management

It can sometimes be challenging for retailers and wholesalers to manage inventory and ensure in-demand items are in stock at all locations.

To simplify these processes, TradeGecko has released a cloud-based inventory management suite built to handle order management, invoicing and reporting, and provide in-depth analytical capabilities. The solution integrates with a wide variety of e-Commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, as well as accounting platforms such as Xero or Shipstation.


ShippingEasy AutoShip Helps Streamline Shipping Processes

To scale their businesses, online sellers have to manage and streamline shipping processes, which can be tedious and prone to errors. The time it takes to print labels and ship products out can add up over the course of a year, and can be frustrating during peak selling periods such as the holiday season.

E-Commerce shipping solution provider ShippingEasy has released AutoShip, a predictive analytics solution that uses advanced algorithms to automate shipping-related decisions to help improve operational efficiency.


Yottaa Adds Integrated Security Features To Mobile And Web Optimization Solution

SS Yottaa ImageWhen consumers shop online, they are trusting that the brands and retailers they do business with will keep their personal and payment data secure. But following a slew of data breaches over the past two years, retailers are taking a series of measures to mitigate and even prevent cybercrime.

Now, there are solutions available to help retailers tackle this data security challenge. Yottaa, for example, has strengthened its online and mobile Site Security platform to integrate security features. The improved solution includes PCI DSS Level 1 compliance and advanced protection for malicious traffic and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. As a result, retailers are empowered to reduce web outages and associated downtime costs while also protecting customer data and providing a secure online experience.


EngageClick Machine Learning Helps Personalize Offers

SS Engageclick Image

To build long-term and profitable customer relationships, retailers need to engage and incent their consumers in a relevant way at every stage of their browsing and buying journey.

EngageClick has released the Machine Learning Optimization Platform, which combines retargeting and predictive targeting software to calculate desired outcomes for each consumer. Using the solution, retailers are positioned to deliver content and offers that are personalized and optimized for specific delivery channels.


Digital Geo Targeting Helps Make Customization A Reality

Using customized content that is tailored to specific shopper segments, retailers can create more relevant, compelling and successful campaigns.  

Digital Geo Targeting from Blueocean Market Intelligence is designed to help retailers improve customer segmentation and optimize campaigns based on individual shopper behaviors. The platform also collects valuable and timely intelligence regarding the success of campaigns and initiatives.

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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.