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Veeqo Builds Cloud-Based Inventory And Order Management Solution

AS Veeqo ImageRetailers selling via multiple e-Commerce channels often struggle to manage their inventory and orders across separate channels, leading to products selling out through one channel yet still appearing in stock on another.

Veeqo has released an all-in-one web-based multichannel POS, order and inventory management system that enables retailers to manage their orders from one dashboard. The platform automatically updates inventory across all of the retailer’s stores to avoid overselling issues caused by incorrect stock levels. With product stock updated across all channels, an item can sell in one channel and the platform will update the sale across the others.


Ipsos Retail Performance Releases Cloud Reporting Capabilities

AS Ipsos ImageCloud computing can be attractive to retailers looking to make processes more efficient and to make sure that important information is centrally available, where and when it’s required.

To provide users with greater access to these cloud computing capabilities, Ipsos Retail Performance has released its Cloud Reporting offering. With Cloud Reporting, retailers can view in-store analytics from a central platform, to see and manage all of a store’s performance metrics in one location.


Consumer Goods Intelligence Suite Helps Gauge And Bolster Consumer Loyalty

AS ConsumerGoods ImageRetailers and CPG brands need to better understand the consumer if they want to engage them at every touch point of their journey. In learning more about consumers, these companies can gain a more complete perspective on industrywide trends, so as to manufacture and release better products.

The Consumer Goods Intelligence Suite solution from Vision Critical allows brands to anticipate customer preferences, forecast trends to improve products and understand new purchasing behaviors influenced by native ads, social media and review web sites.


Mobility DNA Suite Streamlines Mobile Activity

AS MobilityDNA ImageManaging mobile solutions can be a daunting task for retailers, especially when they are just beginning to adapt to mobile practices. Beginners in the space are advised to streamline their mobile solutions to keep workers productive and consumers satisfied.

Zebra Technologies has introduced the Mobility DNA suite of enterprise mobility software solutions to make business processes more efficient for mobile workers and channel partners. The suite includes a collection of applications, app development tools and administration utilities enabling businesses to maximize ROI on mobile deployments, all while minimizing complexity, risk and capital expenses.


Collective Bias Provides Social Report To Help Fuel Influencer Initiatives

1 Collective Bias  2015 Logo
Retailers are leveraging a variety of social networks to educate and engage with their target customers. However, some companies struggle to roll out campaigns on a consistent basis because they fail to measure the effectiveness of their initiatives. 

To help retailers better measure and predict the success of their social campaigns, Collective Bias has released its Guaranteed Engagement offering, which is designed to help retailers determine how social influencer marketing campaigns will perform before campaign dollars are invested.


Precima Assortment Optimization Helps Retailers Identify Most Valuable Products

AS Precima ImageRetailers have a finite amount of shelf space in their stores, so they need to ensure they have an optimal mix of brands and products. In doing so, retailers can ensure that every product in their assortment is driving sales results and customer loyalty.

The Precima Assortment Management and Optimization solution by LoyaltyOne is designed to enable retailers to enhance their assortment strategy by identifying priority customers and the categories and products that are most important to them.


Orderhive Helps Streamline And Automate Inventory Management

AS Orderhive ImageAs retail businesses grow and expand across channels, their back-end systems become more complex. Because many retailers use a variety of disparate systems, it is sometimes challenging for them to acquire a central view of data and information, whether it’s inventory, price or customer information.

In an effort to help retailers streamline processes, Orderhive offers two multichannel order and inventory management solutions: Orderhive Cloud and Orderhive Solution.


Bindo Storefront Aims To Connect Inventory Across Channels

In order to survive and thrive in the new era of retail, merchants of all sizes need to be present and accessible across channels. That means even small and mid-size retailers are tasked with the challenge of managing stores and developing quality e-Commerce sites.

Bindo has released Bindo Storefront, an e-Commerce platform designed to enable brick-and-mortar retailers to refine their back-end processes to serve both online and offline customers.


Janam XG3-ER Mobile Scanner Is Fit For Rugged Retail Environments

AS JanamX ImageRetailers need their supply chain to be as efficient as possible if they want to create an exemplary customer experience across all channels. Warehousing plays a key role in supply chain management, and as such, workers involved need the right technology to do their jobs well.

Janam has released the XG3-ER, the newest addition to its XG3 series of rugged mobile computers that are built to survive challenging environments. The mobile device functions as a barcode scanner and can read 1D and 2D barcodes from up to 50 feet away. The scanner provides motion-tolerant scanning under dim lighting conditions, and can recognize damaged and obscured barcodes.


Loyalzoo Digital Loyalty Platform Brings Programs Onto Single App

For decades, loyalty programs have encouraged customers to visit stores and buy from retailers on a more ongoing basis. These programs are undoubtedly a mainstay for large brands and retailers, but smaller businesses also can capitalize on these initiatives.

Loyalzoo has launched a loyalty app that enables independent retailers to build and manage their own brick-and-mortar, online and mobile loyalty programs. Retailers can add their own logos and colors to the app in order to make the customer experience more aligned with their brand image.


Appboy Connected Content Helps Streamline Personalization Through Email, Mobile

In order to create more compelling and memorable shopping experiences, retailers are striving to create rich, multichannel campaigns tailored to individual customers.

Appboy has released Connected Content, a new feature designed to help marketers leverage rich user profiles and craft personalized marketing campaigns that improve customer engagement and conversions.


Bronto Socialite Helps Retailers Measure Social Campaigns

For many retail marketers, social media has become an increasingly valuable channel to engage with consumers, expand their audiences and foster meaningful relationships. However, measuring the ROI and overall effectiveness of specific social campaigns has remained a key challenge.

Socialite is a solution from Bronto Software designed to help marketers measure the impact of  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter campaigns. In addition to calculating measurable, attributable ROI across these social networks, Socialite also is positioned to help marketers capitalize on the interplay between email and social marketing campaigns.

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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.