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Emma For Shopify Extends Real-Time Targeting To Email Marketers

SS site only Shopify imageAs consumers continue to demand more personalized offers, messages and incentives, retailers must put more effort into understanding their browsing and buying habits, as well as their overall preferences. In doing so, retailers will be able to efficiently deploy more targeted messages and campaigns.

Emma for Shopify is an email marketing solution designed to allow retailers to organize customer sales data into segments based on purchasing history, enabling real-time customer targeting. All data is updated in real time as behaviors change. The solution can track purchases that result from clicked links within an email so retailers can instantly see the ROI achieved from an email marketing campaign.


Five9 Updates Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution

SS Five9 imageCustomer service is a pivotal part of the browsing and buying journey. Service agents, as a result, play an important role in educating consumers, answering questions and creating a more enjoyable shopping experience across all channels, including via email, phone and social media.

The Five9 Summer Release, an update to the Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software, includes multichannel applications that integrate social, chat, email and mobile. Each app is designed to allow contact center representatives to engage with customers on their preferred channels and devices. The apps are powered by Five9 Connect, which includes a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that filters and categorizes interactions, eliminates spam and determines author sentiment to identify only the most important inquiries.


ZinMobi Targets Consumers With Personalized Mobile Messaging

SS site only ZinMobi imageConsumers are becoming more tech-savvy and are expecting more personalized shopping experiences. As a result, retailers need to find ways to cater to these evolving preferences by creating more relevant campaigns and messages across all touch points.

Mobile marketing technology provider ZinMobi has built a platform designed to deliver targeted coupons and messages directly to consumers’ mobile phones. Using a personal targeting algorithm based on an individual consumer’s transaction history, the solution can tailor mobile message content effectively. Coupons can be delivered through text, email or an app, and are aimed to help boost coupon redemption rates and overall sales.


Reflektion Helps Make Mobile Shopping More Engaging

SS Reflektion image 1Mobile users expect their shopping experience to be seamless, compelling and catered specifically to their wants and needs. Without a great experience, consumers may find browsing and buying on a mobile phone to be tedious and frustrating.

Reflektion, a provider of e-Commerce personalization solutions, has extended its platform to mobile devices to help retailers create more relevant shopping experiences. Using predictive analytics, retailers can identify shoppers based on the device they’re using, as well as their past and present browsing behaviors, and personalize product assortments and recommendations.


EGifter Mobile App Puts A Social Spin On Gift Registries

SS egifter imageRegistries are common fixtures at bridal and baby showers because they streamline the gift giving process and help consumers ensure they’re only buying the products their friends and family need.

Social gifting company eGifter has expanded its Social Gift Registry platform with the launch of new mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. With the apps, consumers can use their personal mobile devices to scan products in stores and add them to their eGifter social gift registries. The registries can be managed from any device, and are designed to let registry owners and gift givers spread the word about products via social channels.


Kwikee Vendor Portal Offers Seamless Access To Product Images, Data

SS kwikee imageWhile shopping online, most consumers rely on images to make final purchase decisions. That is why it is paramount that retailers have real-time access to high-definition product images.

Kwikee, a developer and distributor of product images, data and content, has introduced a vendor portal designed to help retailers and manufacturers communicate and fulfill product image requests more efficiently. Images within the Kwikee database can be used across all marketing channels, and are approved by the manufacturer prior to distribution.


Wovenmedia Video Service Powers Retail Marketing Strategies

SS WovenMedia imageRetailers use video marketing and advertising to engage consumers across different media and commerce channels. Crafting an effective strategy involves reaching the right audience and pairing branded content with recognizable third-party content.

The Wovenmedia Video Service is designed to allow businesses to create and publish video content to targeted audiences via TV, desktops and mobile devices, enabling cross-platform delivery of video content and advertising. The web-based solution serves as a video content management system and a pool of rights-free content from more than 95 premium providers. Through the Wovenmedia web portal, retailers can curate video playlists and channels by combining their branded content with content from Wovenmedia.


LivePlan Adds New Financial Benchmarks Feature To Business Planning Solution

SS site only LivePlan imageThe retail industry has become intensively competitive. Although retail executives want to know how their companies stack up compared to their direct competitors, but aren’t always able to monitor key performance in real time.

Palo Alto Software added a new feature to its LivePlan business planning and performance tracking solution that is designed to allow retailers to compare their financial goals and actual results with other retailers. The solution includes industry information provided by SageWorks, so retailers can compare six key metrics within the platform:


HappyFox Provides Cloud-Based Help Desk And Support

SS HappyFox logo“The customer is always right” is a mantra reiterated throughout retail businesses of all sizes and verticals. To keep customers satisfied across all channels, retailers need to ensure their support efforts are up to par.

HappyFox released a cloud-based help desk and customer support solution designed to streamline customer service. The software includes a ticket support system that handles all inbound requests, combining email, web, chat and phone inquiries into a central location.


Indix Helps Retailers And Brands Keep A Pulse On Competitor Products And Prices

SS Indix logoBrands and retailers are encouraged to keep a constant pulse on competitor products, promotions and prices, and make appropriate changes to keep pace.

The product intelligence app from Indix is designed to help brands and retailers analyze real-time product information, including assortments, catalogs, prices, promotions and social feeds. Users can sift through an entire product database using keywords, UPC, SKU, ASIN and MPN, or search for specific brands, categories and stores.


Honeywell Introduces More Durable Barcode Scanner

SS Honeywell imageWarehouse workers have a lot of ground to cover throughout their work shifts, making it tedious and time-consuming to manually scan every item. Imperfect conditions and difficult-to-reach items create additional challenges in the effort to keep track of all warehouse inventory.

To improve workplace efficiency, Honeywell has released Granit 1280i, an industrial-grade barcode scanner that can read barcodes from short and long distances. The Granit 1280i reads 100 millimeter retro-reflective labels from as far away as 54 feet (16.5 meters) and 7.5 millimeter codes as close as 3.5 inches (8.9 centimeters).


Shopatron Extends Inventory Data Across All Channels

SS Shopatron imageInventory visibility is essential for retail managers and store associates who need to track shipments and stock shelves accurately. Consumers also are seeking a 360-degree view of inventory so they know what products are available for purchase and on which channels.

Shopatron has introduced a new free version of Inventory Lookup, a cloud-based solution that offers enterprise-wide inventory visibility and provides retailers with analytics to improve in-store operations, stocking, merchandising and product marketing. The solution was designed to help retailers reduce inventory carrying costs, accelerate inventory turn and improve geo-targeted marketing.


Cellebrite and Webroot Diagnostic Solution Detects and Removes Mobile Malware

MobileMalwareViciousCycleWhiteMalware can wreak havoc on consumers' mobile phones, leading to slowed performance and an aggravated user experiences.

To arm retailers with the capabilities to tackle mobile malware, Cellebrite integrated Webroot's Mobile App Reputation Service and URL Classification Services into its Cellebrite Diagnostic Solution. The service enables retailers and mobile operators using the Cellebrite Diagnostics solution to identify and remediate security threats and performance problems.


CloudMaestro Speeds Web Site Performance

SS CloudMaestro imageWhen e-Commerce sites slow down or crash, it can be a nightmare scenario for online retailers that depend on site traffic to generate revenue.

Retailers concerned about the functionality and speed of their web sites can enlist CloudMaestro, a software solution from Lagrange Systems designed to facilitate improved web site availability. CloudMaestro eliminates single points of failure, monitors back-end servers for bandwidth optimization, and activates auto-recovery of failed application delivery controllers.

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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.