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Loyalzoo Digital Loyalty Platform Brings Programs Onto Single App

For decades, loyalty programs have encouraged customers to visit stores and buy from retailers on a more ongoing basis. These programs are undoubtedly a mainstay for large brands and retailers, but smaller businesses also can capitalize on these initiatives.

Loyalzoo has launched a loyalty app that enables independent retailers to build and manage their own brick-and-mortar, online and mobile loyalty programs. Retailers can add their own logos and colors to the app in order to make the customer experience more aligned with their brand image.


Appboy Connected Content Helps Streamline Personalization Through Email, Mobile

In order to create more compelling and memorable shopping experiences, retailers are striving to create rich, multichannel campaigns tailored to individual customers.

Appboy has released Connected Content, a new feature designed to help marketers leverage rich user profiles and craft personalized marketing campaigns that improve customer engagement and conversions.


Bronto Socialite Helps Retailers Measure Social Campaigns

For many retail marketers, social media has become an increasingly valuable channel to engage with consumers, expand their audiences and foster meaningful relationships. However, measuring the ROI and overall effectiveness of specific social campaigns has remained a key challenge.

Socialite is a solution from Bronto Software designed to help marketers measure the impact of  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter campaigns. In addition to calculating measurable, attributable ROI across these social networks, Socialite also is positioned to help marketers capitalize on the interplay between email and social marketing campaigns.


Retail Automata Analytics Offers Unified Predictive Analytics Ecosystem

AS RetailAutomata ImageIn order to craft more effective marketing campaigns, retailers need to fully understand consumers’ preferences and purchase histories. With these detailed insights, they can predict consumers’ future behaviors and, in turn, develop the optimal campaigns and offers.

Retail Automata Analytics, marketed under the brand name RetailReco, has developed the Predictive Analytic Offerings suite, which is designed to provide retailers of all sizes with a complete predictive analytics product suite. Through the suite’s campaigning system, users have the ability to design campaigns based on segmentation criteria such as customer price sensitivity and product seasonality.


SGS Supply Chain Solution Powered By T Transparency Aims To Improve Supply Chain Visibility

In order to improve supply chain visibility, brands, manufacturers and suppliers must collaborate, communicate and constantly share product data.  

Trace One and SGS partnered to launch SGS Supply Chain Solution powered by T Transparency, a platform designed to improve these processes and provide organizations with visibility throughout the entire supply chain. The solution is built on a social network platform that enables the entire supply chain to communicate, verify data and assess risks in real time.


Swirl Beacons Help Drive In-Store Mobile Engagement

AS Swirl ImageWith so many consumers now using mobile devices while they shop in physical stores, retailers are using proximity marketing to engage consumers and increase basket sizes.

Through its beacon marketing platform, Swirl helps retail marketers deliver relevant content and offers to shoppers’ smartphones based on their location within a store. For instance, a retailer can tap the platform to greet shoppers as they enter a store, or deliver coupons or content to help consumers make more informed in-store purchase decisions.


Orchestro Improves On-Shelf Availability And In-Store Promotion Execution

AS Orchestro ImageIssues related to on-shelf availability (OSA) can cost retailers and CPGs an exorbitant amount of money and hinder in-store inventory management processes. Improving OSA and promotion execution can save retailers and suppliers up to billions of dollars each year, resulting in improved margins and revenue.

Orchestro has released the latest version of its SaaS-based demand analytics platform, including ShelfSense, which enables CPG suppliers to proactively manage on-shelf availability through flexible, user-configurable exception rules.


Vision Critical Brings Intelligence Suite To CPGs

Today's digitally savvy customers lack product loyalty, shop across a variety of channels and rely on peer recommendations. To survive and thrive, CPG companies must possess insight into consumer shopping preferences and then tailor products, campaigns and experiences accordingly.

Vision Critical, a customer intelligence platform provider, has launched the Consumer Goods Intelligence Suite, which is designed to help CPG companies make customer-centric business decisions. The solution enables brands to anticipate customer preferences, forecast trends to improve products and understand new purchasing behaviors.


Bouncepad Luna Augments In-Store Experiences With Mobile Devices

Consumer expectations have heightened as the retail experience has expanded across new channels and devices. While in stores, shoppers expect associates to be knowledgeable about the products they are selling, and want them to be mobile on the sales floor.

In an effort to help associates provide better in-store service, Bouncepad has launched Luna, a dock and charge enclosure for tablet devices that can be used in multiple scenarios, such as fixed self-service or mobile selling.


Sidecar Helps Retailers Improve Product Listing Ad Performance

AS Sidecar ImageMany e-Commerce retailers try to gain a competitive advantage by developing product listing ads for search engines such as Google or Bing. However, retailers don’t always have enough bandwidth to group their products beyond the services’ default controls, such as brand or category, which can sometimes lead to wasted ad spend or missed revenue opportunities.

Sidecar, a provider of programmatic advertising technology, has developed an Intelligent Product Grouping (IPG) feature for product-level advertising channels such as Google Shopping and Bing Shopping. IPG is designed to work in tandem with Sidecar’s existing automated bidding functionality, grouping products based on key performance metrics and product data, and continuously adjusting bids to maximize revenue and profitability.


SmarterHQ Helps Retailers Understand Customer Relationships

ASO SmarterHQ ImageBecause consumers interact with numerous retail channels at different times, retailers must acquire detailed data about these shopping journeys and share key takeaways across the entire enterprise.

SmarterHQ is a multichannel behavioral marketing platform designed to help retailers better understand the relationship consumers have with their brand. By tracking data and measuring engagement across all channels, retailers can create personalized experiences for individual customers.


FlorComm Suite Optimizes Sales Floor Communication

When stores experience surges in traffic, it is imperative that all team members can communicate and collaborate effectively. But without the proper technology in place, managers and associates are not in the loop, which can lead to insufficient customer experiences and poor sales.

LNL Systems launched FlorComm, a suite of sales floor communication tools, to improve associate communication and productivity. Retailers currently using FlorComm include Coach, Foot Locker, Marshalls, Staples, T.J. Maxx and Under Armour.

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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.