ROC Commerce Releases Update 7 For E-Commerce Platform

ROCCommerceOmnichannel e-Commerce software provider ROC Commerce has announced the latest version of its platform, version 7. ROC Commerce is introducing version 7 at the IRCE conference in Chicago from June 2-5, 2015.

The solution is designed to facilitate the merchant’s management of the system while providing a consistent experience for the consumer across all channels and devices. The update enables e-Commerce retailers and suppliers to manage product catalogs with millions of SKUs while keeping their sites up and running during peak transactional periods.


Trouts Fly Fishing Focuses On Global, Omnichannel Growth With nChannel

Trouts Fly fishingAs retail businesses grow, it is common for internal systems to become more complex and for business departments to become siloed. However, it is imperative that retailers break down these barriers to ensure success in the current omnichannel climate.

Trouts Fly Fishing, a Denver-based specialty retailer of fly fishing gear, started out as a standalone brick-and-mortar shop. But by working with nChannel, the retailer has been able to connect its store systems with its e-Commerce site. This ensures a seamless and consistent experience as its online business grows. Since implementing the nChannel system, Trouts Fly Fishing revenue has increased steadily by 20% to 50% year over year.


Best-In-Class Retailers Embrace Clienteling To Boost Engagement, Sales

The top goal for any retail business is to not only understand target customers, but also create differentiated marketing and service experiences. 

Preliminary results from a new survey executed by Yes Lifecycle Marketing spotlights how retailers across categories are using clienteling tactics to better connect with customers across channels. With pureplay eTailers dominating a larger share of the retail market, omnichannel retailers are using their stores to build relationships and stand out from the competition.


Adagio Teas Connects The Digital And Physical Worlds With Omnyverse

Up to 86% of shoppers research products online before they visit a store, according to A.T. Kearney. Retailers are striving to capture the attention of these omnichannel shoppers by better bridging the gap between their digital and physical brand experiences.

Adagio Teas, a purveyor of gourmet teas and relevant accessories, is embracing Omnyverse, an affiliate network from Linkable Networks built exclusively for card-linked offers. Built on top of Linkable Networks technology, Omnyverse is designed to help retailers engage shoppers with digital SKU-level and storewide promotions. Shoppers can redeem these deals automatically and without the need for paper, printing or promo codes.


PCMS VISION OnDemand App Helps Connect Retail Silos

SS PCMSVISION ImageAlthough retailers of all sizes and categories recognize the importance of creating a seamless experience across all channels, not all organizations are equipped to address this new business imperative.

To help guide retailers towards omnichannel excellence, PCMS has released VISION OnDemand, a platform designed to unify all channels and devices throughout the customer journey. As a result, consumers can receive a unified experience, whether they’re shopping in stores, online or using a mobile app. VISION OnDemand also gives associates access to omnichannel shopper data and inventory information, so they can acquire a 360-degree picture of the business as well as their customers.  


JCPenney Leverages Data To Prove The Value Of Digital Marketing Campaigns

In today’s hyper-competitive business climate, retailers are tasked to develop compelling marketing and engagement campaigns that span across all communication and commerce channels. Although it’s important that retailers launch these campaigns on a consistent basis, they also must leverage analytics to determine the success of these campaigns and understand how to improve their future initiatives.

JCPenney uses Origami Logic, a marketing intelligence and analytics platform, to connect visuals and metrics, and capture a more comprehensive view of campaign performance across marketing channels. In fact, the technology is integral to the retailer as it focuses on strengthening relationships with new and recurring customers. 


Aligning Email With The Omnichannel Customer Journey

The top goal for any email marketer is to capture consumers’ attention and incent them to click to the e-Commerce site or visit a store. Tried-and-true tactics, such as offering discounts, sales and offers, have helped them achieve this.

Up to 45% of consumers say they’re more likely to open and read an email if the subject line mentions a discount or special offer, according research firm L2. So it’s easy to see why retailers have stayed in a discounting frame of mind.

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