Emma For Shopify Extends Real-Time Targeting To Email Marketers

SS site only Shopify imageAs consumers continue to demand more personalized offers, messages and incentives, retailers must put more effort into understanding their browsing and buying habits, as well as their overall preferences. In doing so, retailers will be able to efficiently deploy more targeted messages and campaigns.

Emma for Shopify is an email marketing solution designed to allow retailers to organize customer sales data into segments based on purchasing history, enabling real-time customer targeting. All data is updated in real time as behaviors change. The solution can track purchases that result from clicked links within an email so retailers can instantly see the ROI achieved from an email marketing campaign.


Chico’s Exec Discusses The Next Generation Of Personalization

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.05.16 AMRetailers today are striving to create unique and memorable experiences across all channels. 

The combination of customer data, e-Commerce, mobile technology, social engagement and even interactive digital signage, can help create a compelling brand experience, and in turn, stronger relationships between a brand and its consumers.

Chico’s FAS is one retailer taking this customer-centric, omnichannel approach to marketing and commerce.


ZinMobi Targets Consumers With Personalized Mobile Messaging

SS site only ZinMobi imageConsumers are becoming more tech-savvy and are expecting more personalized shopping experiences. As a result, retailers need to find ways to cater to these evolving preferences by creating more relevant campaigns and messages across all touch points.

Mobile marketing technology provider ZinMobi has built a platform designed to deliver targeted coupons and messages directly to consumers’ mobile phones. Using a personal targeting algorithm based on an individual consumer’s transaction history, the solution can tailor mobile message content effectively. Coupons can be delivered through text, email or an app, and are aimed to help boost coupon redemption rates and overall sales.


Reflektion Helps Make Mobile Shopping More Engaging

SS Reflektion image 1Mobile users expect their shopping experience to be seamless, compelling and catered specifically to their wants and needs. Without a great experience, consumers may find browsing and buying on a mobile phone to be tedious and frustrating.

Reflektion, a provider of e-Commerce personalization solutions, has extended its platform to mobile devices to help retailers create more relevant shopping experiences. Using predictive analytics, retailers can identify shoppers based on the device they’re using, as well as their past and present browsing behaviors, and personalize product assortments and recommendations.


Using Personalization To Meet The Complex Expectations Of Millennial Shoppers

VP SmartFurniture head shot 082614Now that e-Commerce has existed for the better part of 20 years, the online marketplace for furniture and home goods is starting to see a rise in buyers who grew with the internet. As these young consumers move from grad school to the workforce and into married life, they continue to use the internet for everything — including making large purchases online. So, categories like furniture and appliances — once thought to be illogical for ecommerce, are starting to see significant growth due in large part to the growing numbers of millennials.

Millennials have lived a significant portion of their social and consuming life on the internet--so the thought of having to physically see, touch or feel and item before buying it is not typically in their thought processes. 


A New Face For Birchbox: Co-Founder Discusses Dive Into Brick-And-Mortar

After meeting while attending Harvard Business School, Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp created Birchbox to help consumers test and find the products that align with their unique wants and needs.

Each month, Birchbox members receive a box filled with beauty product samples. For $10 per month, boxes cover the gamut, including test-size packages for lotions, face creams, hair masks, nail polishes and cosmetics. If subscribers like what they test, they can visit the Birchbox e-Commerce site to purchase full-size products. 


Innovative Technologies Revolutionize The Shopper Journey

FEAT Technologies imageThe retail industry is undergoing a revolution, with groundbreaking technologies guiding both the consumer and the merchant throughout the customer journey. Whether the shopper is at home using a PC, searching for a product on a mobile device, walking nearby a store, or browsing the aisles in the store, retailers have access to a number of new technologies to enhance the experience at every touch point.

In 2014, retailers are tapping a variety of new technologies covered in this report:

  • Personalization solutions;
  • Wearable technology;
  • Visual search; and
  • Augmented reality.

Lucky Vitamin Personalizes Product Recommendations With MyBuys

With a growing selection of products, online retailer Lucky Vitamin looked to find an easier way to recommend items to its customer base. After turning to cross-channel personalization provider MyBuys, the retailer was able to achieve a “noticeable lift” in conversion rates.

“[MyBuys] definitely took a load off of our plate both manually optimizing and setting up cross-sell configurations,” said Sam Wolf, CEO of Lucky Vitamin, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We were able to intelligently make recommendations to our customers who were browsing the site so they could find other items that may interest them based on what other customers had bought, looked at or clicked on.”


The Retailer’s Mobile Strategy Guide

Urban-AirshipSHADOWThere’s no question that mobile phones enhance the retail experience for customers. But, in turn, shoppers now have greater service expectations in the store, on the web and through the app. As a result, brands are playing catch-up to learn how to cater to these perpetually evolving mobile needs.


Capillary Technologies Raises $14 Million In Series B Funding

Capillary Technologies
, a cloud-based marketing platform solution provider, has secured $14 million in Series B funding to further improve the company’s marketing platform and develop its partnership ecosystem. Current partners include Blue Label Engage in South Africa and the American Express US Global Merchants Services group.

This round of funding round was led by Sequoia Capital and Northwest Venture Partners (NVP).  Capillary also received $17 million in Series A Funding in 2012.

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