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How Interactive Intelligence Is Helping Improve Customer Service At B&H Photo

With: Don Brown, Interactive Intelligence

Don Brown shares insights into how Interactive Intelligence is automating B&H call center processes. The company also works with Kohl's and other large retail companies. Brown talks about the growing importance of video customer service, for example to enable customer service agents to model clothing for shoppers. Speech analytics also is becoming an important element of contact center operations.


Well-Trained Associates Work As B&H Brand Advocates

StoreTours with: Yossi Fogel, B&H Photo Video Pro-Audio

Yossi Fogel explains why so many employees remain with the company for many years. More than 300 people work as sales associates in the store. "It is a career for most people. They enjoy what they do." Standing in front of the interactive kiosk section, designed to provide product education, Fogel notes that "none of these people in the kiosks are making sales."


The Importance Of Keeping Customer Service In-House At B&H Photo

StoreTours with: Moshe Leeds, B&H Photo Video Pro-Audio

Moshe Leeds discusses the importance of keeping the call center in-house at B&H. "We call ourselves 'The Professional Source' because that is what we are. When a customer calls us they are not just speaking to an order taker." Training is an ongoing process for B&H employees, who work on the store floor as well as in the call center.


Putting The Customer At The Center Of The Shopping Experience

StoreTours with: Henry Posner, B&H Photo Video Pro-Audio

Henry Posner talks about customer service initiatives and social strategies at B&H, which allow employees to share their insights and feedback openly. "We expect our employees to exhibit a certain amount of maturity" when it comes to social media. When it comes to customer relationships, "We're about personalizing the exchange and maintaining a cordial relationship with the customer. We have a staff that is exclusively devoted to our live chat environment."


It's Never Too Late To Become Omnichannel

StoreTours with: Anthony Qaiyum, Merz Apothecary

140-year-old Merz Apothecary is experiencing a renaissance in the last several years, after moving forward with new initiatives to become an omnichannel brand. Launched as a store and catalog business selling unique, global health and beauty products, catalog sales eventually fizzled out. Current President Anthony Qaiyum then launched the business' web site and a mobile site, and has never looked back. With the help of Celerant Technology, Merz is improving its brand presence and boosting sales via new channels.


How Billabong Moved To The Cloud To Focus On The Customer

Today's retailers are looking to "get out of IT and focus on the customer journey," noted Branden Jenkins, General Manager, Global Retail at NetSuite. Jenkins explained that "retailers must transform their systems and the way they engage with customers." One way to manage that transition is to move to a single commerce system in the cloud. During the 2015 NetSuite SuiteWorld event, billion-dollar retailer Billabong announced the implementation of NetSuite SuiteCommerce across 10 different brands throughout 20 different countries. Other retailers using NetSuite to focus better on the customer include Alton Lane and Lovesac. These retailers were among more than 7,000 attendees at the SuiteWorld event in San Jose, Calif. in May.


Lovesac: The Journey From Singular Channels To Omnichannel

A fast-growing furniture retailer, Lovesac has expanded to 60 stores and an online business in 10 years. To continue on a strong growth path, Lovesac needed a flexible and scalable commerce solution. With 400 fabric choices, several cushion choices and combined in-store and online purchasing, "the complexities were too much for a traditional point of sale system," noted Kim Dietz, Product Manager, Omnichannel for Lovesac during the NetSuite SuiteWorld event. In beta testing NetSuite's new SuiteCommerce InStore solution, Lovesac has found the complete system to meet its needs. When researching new solutions, Lovesac "starts with the customer," explained Darren Johnson, Senior Director of E-Commerce, rather than "building solutions for technology's sake."


Shoes Of Prey Brings Customization To The Store

StoreTours with: Jodie Fox, Co-Founder of Shoes of Prey

When shopping for shoes, consumers are often limited to the styles and colors that are available online or in a store. However, it is undeniable that each consumer has her own unique set of preferences. Shoes of Prey was created to help consumers craft their ideal pair of shoes, and have them delivered right to their doorstep. During this episode of StoreTours, ShoesofPrey Co-Founder Jodie Fox gives Retail TouchPoints an exclusive look at its new interactive experience in the Nordstrom at Garden State Plaza.


Adore Me Shares The Love On Mobile And Social Media

With: Sharon Klapka, Director of Business and Brand Development for Adore Me

As an online-only retailer, digital is in Adore Me's blood. Operating in an agile fashion, team members can test new messaging tactics, offers and incentives across email, social media, and mobile. The Adore Me team then lets the data speak for itself, and tailors strategies based on consumers' response. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Sharon Klapka, Director of Business and Brand Development for Adore Me, discusses the testing and learning process, and how Adore Me will be investing in mobile in the future. (Filmed at FD Mobile)


American Eagle Embraces Mobile To Connect With Millennial Customers

With: Joe Megibow, SVP and Chief Digital Officer at American Eagle Outfitters

The target audience for American Eagle Outfitters is tech-savvy Millennials. So it's only right that the apparel retailer tests in new engagement tactics and invests strategically in mobile. After all, Millennials are acquiring more spending power, and they rely on their smartphones to accomplish a variety of tasks. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Joe Megibow, SVP and Chief Digital Officer at American Eagle Outfitters, reflects on the retailers' past technology tests and lessons learned. He also shares how the entire business broke down department silos and is now collaborating more effectively. (Filmed at FD Mobile)


What Are The Top Mobile Trends And Challenges Among Retailers?

With: Chris Bishop, Founder and CEO of 7thingsmedia

Should retailers be investing in a mobile-optimized site or mobile app? Can push notifications truly drive consumer action? Will beacons ever become mainstream in the retail industry? These were among the questions asked and answered during the FD Mobile Summit, which was held at the Digital Sandbox in NYC. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Chris Bishop, Founder and CEO of 7thingsmedia, shares his thoughts on top mobile trends, and discusses how the agency helps brands and retailers reach their mobile goals.

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