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The Retailer’s Guide To Remarketing


Global e-Commerce sales will experience a growth rate of more than 10% over the next three years, according to eMarketer.

However, as online sales rise, so does the likelihood of cart abandonment. In fact, the retail industry has an average cart abandonment of 70%.

This infographic, courtesy of SaleCycle, provides an overview of remarketing tactics that will engage consumers and boost overall sales.


Investigating The Next Generation Of Store Operations


More than half (53%) of retailers today are arming store associates with tablets and smartphones to look up product information (60%), access inventory levels (50%) and more, according to the Retail TouchPoints Store Operations Survey.

The below infographic uncovers key findings from the survey report, which outlines trends regarding employee training and engagement, omnichannel order fulfillment, and pricing and promotions strategies.


Back To School — A Retailer’s Insight


Customer sentiment towards back-to-school commercials increased by 7% between 2013 and 2014, according to analysis from SAP. This means that retailers did a better job tailoring their messages to consumers this back-to-school season. However, retailers had plenty of room to improve their service efforts, as overall sentiment remained neutral or negative throughout the season.

Want to learn about customer sentiment during the back-to-school season? See top trends in the below infographic, courtesy of SAP.


Security Matters: Americans On EMV Chip Cards


Starting October 2015, retailers will be held accountable for fraud liabilities if they do not accept EMV-compliant cards.

Accommodating EMV chip and pin cards may help retailers build consumer trust. In fact, 69% of consumers believe EMV chip cards make their debit and credit card transactions more secure.

This infographic, courtesy of NXP, details consumers’ thoughts on payment security and EMV.


The Path To Millennials: Fashion And Accessories Edition


Millennials currently have more than $600 billion in annual spending power. Retailers can significantly benefit from engaging this group of consumers, as 74% of Millennial women and 52% of Millennial men subscribe to fashion-related loyalty programs, according to research from PunchTab.

Want to learn more about the browsing and buying behaviors of these highly connected and savvy shoppers? This infographic outlines key findings from PunchTab’s Consumer Research Series.


Integrating Omnichannel Data With PIM

Riversand-CS-BLACKIn 2014, at least 52% of all retail sales will either occur online or be influenced by the online channel. Forward-thinking retailers like PC Connection are implementing a centralized system to manage their product information across their brick-and-mortar and online operations.

A best-in-class Product Information Management System (PIM) serves as a central product repository that handles all the tasks that a traditional e-Commerce or ERP system can handle and much more. With PIM in place, PC Connection was able to reduce new product introduction time by 80%.

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