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Top E-Gifting Trends From End-Of-Year 2014


More consumers are relying on the web to purchase gifts and have them delivered directly to family and friends. Overall, women send 57% more e-gifts than men. However, e-gifts sent by men had a 27% higher average order value.

The below infographic, courtesy of Loop Commerce, outlines other e-gifting trends from 2014, including: Top e-gifting states and the most popular e-gifting categories.


EMV Chip Cards: The Future Of Payments


Approximately 2.37 billion chip cards have been issued worldwide, helping countries create more secure payment experiences for consumers.

Countries that accept EMV chip cards have seen a variety of benefits. For example, the UK has seen a 72% drop in face-to-face fraud since 2004. Between 2011 and 2013, Canada has seen domestic counterfeit card fraud decrease by 48%.

Want to learn more about how EMV works and why it will impact your business? Access the below infographic, courtesy of the EMV Migration Forum


Top 10 Countries With Best Customer Service


Customer service and experience are having more impact on overall sales and loyalty. In fact, 86% of shoppers say they are willing to pay more for better customer experiences. By 2020, customer experience will be more of a brand differentiator than price and product assortment.

This infographic, courtesy of, outlines customer service trends and reveals which countries are creating more seamless and enjoyable shopping experiences across channels.


The Frustrated Shopper: Consumers' Mobile Technology Expectations Vs. Reality


Consumers are using their smartphones more frequently throughout the browsing and buying journey. As a result, their overall expectations of mobile offers and interactions are increasing.

While 44% of consumers want to earn and redeem loyalty points through their mobile phones, only 31% currently have these capabilities.

This infographic, courtesy of Mobiquity, uncovers results from a survey of 1,000 consumers regarding their mobile expectations and experiences.


Creating Personalized Customer Journeys


To create more compelling and relevant shopping experiences, best-in-class retailers are leveraging mobile, digital and interactive technologies.

In fact, 56% of retailers are working toward cross-channel personalization and 31% are striving to build one-to-one tactics.

This infographic, courtesy of STRATACACHE, outlines how retailers can leverage cutting-edge technology throughout the six stages of the customer journey. 


Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday: A Look At The Conversation Over 4 Years


Over the past four years, tweets focusing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday have steadily increased.

This year, more than 3.5 million tweets included Black Friday and more than 870,000 tweets mentioned Cyber Monday. The most popular brands that were mentioned in these tweets included Amazon, Best Buy and Kohl’s.

This infographic, courtesy of Crimson Hexagon, outlines other Twitter trends from Thanksgiving weekend.


Holiday Shopping: Consumer Survey Reveals Expectations


The holiday season is a hectic time for consumers and retailers alike. While consumers are eager to cross off their shopping checklists, retailers are focused on ensuring customers have the best experience across all channels.

Of the key trends, 57% of consumers said they are concerned that holiday orders will be cancelled or back-ordered. If a product they want is unavailable, 72% of consumers said they would go elsewhere to purchase the item.

This infographic, courtesy of eBay Enterprise, outlines key findings from a survey conducted by CFI Group regarding customer demands and preferences for the holiday season.


How Retailers Can Turn Consumer Confusion Into Omnichannel Activity


Nearly half (45%) of consumers prefer to shop for apparel online, according to GSI Commerce. As a result, the web will influence $1.8 trillion in retail sales by 2017, according to Forrester Research.

This infographic, courtesy of attune consulting, outlines how fashion retailers can drive shopper demand and loyalty by embracing omnichannel strategies.


Holiday Shopping: The Multi-Screen Path To Purchase


More than two thirds (68%) of consumers plan to do most of their holiday shopping online this year, according to a recent survey from YuMe. Nearly half (48%) of these respondents also said they plan to spend more on gifts than they did last year.

This infographic, courtesy of YuMe, outlines other key findings from the report, including how consumers will be using multiple screens to browse and buy during the holiday season.


The Digital First Generation

RTP-NL-IG-11-11-2014 2

Most consumers in the U.S. check their phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up. Three quarters of these consumers even admitted to bringing their phones into the bathroom.

This infographic, courtesy of LivePerson, spotlights the habits of “digital-first” consumers who rely on their mobile phones to communicate, shop, listen to music, watch TV and more.

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