The Secret to Creating Loyalty Programs That Actually Work

Sept30Why do some loyalty reward programs fail and others score a homerun with customers? The number of retailers supporting loyalty programs has grown tremendously over the past few years, but some have truly set the bar for overall effectiveness. This webinar will review some of the top loyalty programs in the retail space, why they are so effective and how they managed to drive customer loyalty through the roof.  By uncovering common characteristics and dissecting successful loyalty strategies by Starbucks, Walgreens and Southwest Airlines, to name a few, this webinar will help you avoid pitfalls, embrace innovation and think beyond the traditional concepts of a loyalty program.


Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tips

October16The holiday season is fast approaching, but there’s still time to make tweaks to your digital marketing program to help maximize end-of-year revenue. With consumers increasingly researching and buying from mobile devices, as well as making last-minute purchases using gift cards and via multiple channels, optimizing your marketing efforts is key to bumping your results from good to great.


Communication Matters: Solving the Store Execution Challenge

 August27Simplification is the key to communications within the store. This session will explain how to drive performance, improve customer satisfaction and increase employee productivity with a cloud-based communications solution. When every store receives the same information, messages and tasks, then you can ensure that your customers will receive a consistent brand experience throughout your enterprise.


Digital Engagement Through A New Lens: How To Keep Pace With Connected Customers


It’s official: We’re living in a selfie world. As “selfie culture” continues to take over, we couldn’t help but wonder: What if businesses took a selfie of their organizations?

Retail TouchPoints asked more than 200 executives to snap a selfie of their organization by participatingin a digital engagement assessment. The assessment asked respondents to rate their current sales, marketing and customer service strategies.


Price For Holiday Success

August-21Last year’s holiday season produced lackluster financial results for most retailers, including Amazon. As we head into Holiday 2014, the retail environment is more challenging than ever with increased ecommerce penetration and associated price transparency driving an ever-narrowing acceptable price target range across categories.


Not Your Father's Video Program: What's Next In Visual Commerce


Let’s face it: Consumers are more visually oriented today than ever before. To keep up, retailers need to join the visual fray. With advanced video technology, merchants can deliver a visual commerce experience that will boost sales and cement long-term loyalty. Learn how The Step2 Company and other leading retailers are using video to boost sales by registering for this webinar today!

During this webinar, Tena Crock from Step2 and Russ Somers from Invodo will share real-world examples of retailers’ video strategies in action, along with key takeaways for merchants looking to benefit from their video investments.


Fueling Brand Advocacy And Engagement With Mobile Apps

July17Mobility in retail is now the norm — four out of five consumers are using smartphones to guide their shopping experience. When retailers leverage customer-facing mobile applications to stoke the fires of customer engagement, they can uncover substantial returns. Mobile apps are not only defining retail success but driving customer behavior: According to Deloitte, 85% of consumers who used a mobile native app during a recent shopping trip made a purchase.


3 Steps To Becoming A Customer-Centric Organization

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Retailers are investing in new tools and technologies to create more compelling and memorable brand experiences. But because today’s savvy consumers have more options than ever, it’s imperative that retailers also create experiences that are relevant and personalized to individual shoppers.


Empower The Voice Of Your Customers With Referral Marketing

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The most important tool any retailer has today might surprise you: it's your customer's voice. In retail, your brand is everything, and you can take advantage of it to generate new customers. Smart retailers are using referral marketing to build a new acquisition channel through the power of their existing customers.


Growing Revenue While Controlling Labor Cost

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Do you have the right people in the right place at the right time? When you’re able to answer YES to this question 100% of the time, you are consistently delivering your customer experience and holding the line on expenses while maximizing labor productivity.


Taking Mobile Commerce To The Next Level


Are you keeping pace with today’s mobile shoppers?

As many as 16.6% of online sales during Q4 2013 were made on mobile, according to IBM. And online holiday purchases accounted for $95.7 billion of the $601.8 billion total, reported the National Retail Federation (NRF).


Transforming the Customer Experience: Increase Engagement and Drive Revenue for Retail & Ecommerce


As a marketer, you have access to a tremendous amount of customer and prospect data - website visits, email clicks, downloads, store visits, purchases, tweets, mobile app interactions, and much more. These behaviors can be used to deliver more timely and context-rich communications to your customers. But for many marketers this data lives outside their marketing database making it difficult, if not impossible, to leverage it in your marketing communications.


Winning The Battle Of Customer Service Vs. Task: Optimizing The Customer-Centric Payroll Equation


Store teams are confronted with competing priorities every day. What determines which stores stand a chance to manage those decisions effectively? Allocating payroll and scheduling based on the actual time activities take is a good place to start. Understanding the impact of customer interaction based on brand-specific, statistically-relevant behavioral studies helps shape in-store decision making, too.


Understanding How to Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience

In this 60-minute webinar we will kick-off our Consistent Customer Experience webinar series. We will clearly identify the elements that define the customer experience and will explore why delivering a consistent experience is critical for your brand and bottom line. We’ll outline the processes, tools and technology that enable retailers to deliver their vision for their customers.


Getting Mobile Right: The Hidden Challenges That Drive Success From Pilot To Rollout

 May1The evidence demonstrates that the mobile-enabled associate drives a higher level of customer service along with increased transaction size. Unfortunately, many mobile projects end at pilot. Getting it right is the problem.

What separates success from failure? It's typically things we can't see – the backend infrastructure, real-time data and APIs necessary to support mobile clients – and the new customer experience in the store.  Additionally, mobile apps have special requirements and retailers need to re-imagine the use cases.

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