Encyclopedia of Referral Marketing

Extole-WP-CovershotReferral marketing is a powerful acquisition strategy that generates loyal, valuable new customers while increasing the value of existing customers. But to become a referral marketing master, marketers need to familiarize themselves with all related concepts and definitions.


The Pricing Evolution

RevionicsWPIncreased competition, data deluge and the connected consumer have created a perfect storm that requires retailers to reexamine their pricing strategies.

Rules-based pricing, though tempting, cannot recognize or adapt to changing customer and competitor behaviors. Shifting to an optimized, customer centric pricing solution can allow retailers to survive and thrive during the upcoming storm.


Real-Time Personalization Examples & Ideas for E-Commerce

Everage-cover-SHADOWEvery shopper is unique: Different tastes, preferences, purchase patterns and intentions make each buying journey vary from the next.

Do you want to better engage and convert these shoppers using the valuable real estate on your e-Commerce site? This look book features 18 different examples of real-time personalization on e-Commerce sites, giving you the inspiration you need to bring your online shopping experience up a notch!

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