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The Fleurty Ginger Boutique Boosts Online Traffic By 23% With Mobile App

The Fleurty GingerThere are a variety of new tools and solutions available to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) better keep pace with their larger counterparts. Rather than falling behind, SMBs can use these tools to provide compelling loyalty programs and mobile experiences that drive foot traffic, engagement and revenue.

The Fleurty Ginger Boutique, a Louisiana-based retailer, has been able to generate awareness and turn one-time shoppers into valuable clients by creating a mobile app powered by Como. Since rolling out the mobile app in November 2013, the retailer has increased online sales by 16% and online traffic by 23%.


Putting Your Customer First: The Connection Of Virtual And Physical Worlds

VP site only EngageCX head shotIt was one of the worst professional meetings ever.  While working as a senior executive at a major software company and discussing digital strategy for a client’s company, the client asked me a simple question: “What about my brick-and-mortar stores?” There was no answer to give.  There was nothing in the outlined strategy to address the brick-and-mortar side of his business.

His question got the wheels turning. Customers don’t make distinctions between the real and the virtual. The customer sees companies as single entities. They don’t care about whatever silos, divisions, or departments might get in the way. Customers expect a positive, uniform experience. They expect the company’s left hand to know what the right hand is doing. There needed to be a way to carry all of the information about the customer gleaned from the web over to the brick and mortar side, and vice versa, so the company could have a complete view of the customer’s journey with it. There needed to be a way to bridge the digital with the physical.


How ULTA Is Leveraging Technology To Connect With Customers

The success speaks for itself at ULTA Beauty: The company has grown 20% in the last year and has increased its store count to 774 (100 new stores per year for the past two years), according to Dave Kimbell, CMO. Kimbell and ULTA CIO Diane Randolph shared the company's success story during the Oracle Industry Connect event in Washington D.C., March 25-26.

"Our vision is to become the favorite beauty destination, most loved and admired by guests, associates, communities, partners and investors," Kimbell explained. "It's so critical that when our guests come in they feel like the experience with associates delivering the information, content and experiences on a one-on-one basis is positive."


60% Of Retailers Lack The Data To Successfully Personalize Campaigns

RR COLLOQUY image2As many as 60% of retailers admitted that they do not have reliable or sufficient data to ensure their targeting efforts are successful, according to a COLLOQUY report.

The report, titled: Ally In Aisles And Online, outlines the top challenges that retailers face in providing a seamless and secure experience to customers. These challenges include: Providing customers with relevant offers; delivering value without increasing costs; and converting sales through the checkout process.


What Retailers Can Learn From Amazon Prime’s Success

VP site only Clarus Marketing head shotSince its 2005 launch, Amazon Prime has helped Amazon substantially increase revenues and expand into a wide range of other offerings. Prime’s success, and the steps that went into achieving it, provide a template that can help you grow your own business.

When Prime debuted, its only benefit was free two-day shipping on Amazon purchases. This was a wise choice, if a little ahead of its time. Although online shopping was undoubtedly on the rise, retail e-Commerce sales in 2005 accounted for less than three percent of all U.S. retail sales.


Lettuce Entertain You Selects Paytronix To Run Rewards Programs

LEYELettuce Entertain You Enterprises (LEYE), an operator of 90 restaurants throughout the U.S., has moved its Frequent Diner Club loyalty program to the Paytronix Rewards platform. LEYE is transitioning from a card-based to a mobile-centric loyalty program, and looks to leverage the Paytonix mobile and data analytics capabilities.

Paytronix designed its platform to enable LEYE to monitor down to the guest-level, identify its most valuable customers, and reward and engage with them in a relevant way. 


Thorntons Aims To Have One Million Rewards Program Members By Q2 2015

fuel phoneLoyalty and rewards programs have been mainstays in the retail marketing mix for decades. But with the rise of mobile devices, some industry players are questioning the effectiveness of plastic cards and general offers and coupons.

But gasoline and convenience store chain Thorntons is turning the traditional rewards program model on its head by partnering with Paytronix Systems, which provides rewards program solutions to restaurants and retailers.


Resilient Loyalty: A Retail Value Proposition For The 21st Century

VP site only ThoughtWorks headshotWhat we’ve come to call loyalty is badly broken. Businesses have let themselves slip into a mass-market definition of loyalty that isn’t pretty. We foster fear and pander to greed all the while pretending its love.  

Deeply disruptive changes are on the horizon that will make this shallow engagement obsolete. Fortunately, these same forces offer a new path for building individual relationships that merit something closer to true loyalty.


How To Create Engagement-Based Loyalty

VP site only PowerReviews head shotIncreasingly, brands and retailers are adopting engagement-based loyalty tactics to evolve in tandem with the way people shop. While transaction-based loyalty programs — where purchases are linked to rewards — are successful at driving repeat sales from a single customer, engagement-based programs work to foster meaningful relationships with customers at large.

With engagement-based loyalty initiatives, customers engage with a brand or retailer in a variety of ways: Contributing content such as user photos, writing reviews, giving feedback on their experience and participating in online communities to answer questions from other consumers. When executed correctly, engagement-based loyalty initiatives provide brands with a steady stream of feedback and user-generated content about their products and services.


Julep CEO: “Treat Customers Like Your Employees”

JulepAs customer preferences continue to shift, retailers must keep a constant pulse on shopper feedback, and leverage those insights to drive improved decision-making across marketing, product development and other business strategies. 

Julep is a cosmetic brand and eTailer that stresses the importance of tapping customer feedback to drive optimized business practices.


Top Brands Show Support For #GivingTuesday

Giving TuesdayNow in its third year, #GivingTuesday has gained the support of several big-name brands and retailers, including The Avon Foundation For Women, Dell, JCPenney and Walgreens. Taking place on Dec. 2, 2014, the charitable event now has more than 18,000 dedicated partners in the U.S. and thousands more in other participating countries. 

First implemented by the New York 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation, #GivingTuesday was established in response to the commercialization and consumerism prevalent during the holiday season. Characterized as a worldwide movement, #GivingTuesday encourages brands, businesses and consumers to drive change within their communities.


Merkle Acquires 500friends

Merkle 500friendsMerkle, a CRM solution provider, has acquired omnichannel loyalty company 500friends for an undisclosed sum. This is the first acquisition Merkle has made in the loyalty space, and will help ramp up the company’s omnichannel customer engagement and loyalty offerings for brands and retailers.

With the acquisition, Merkle will have access to LoyaltyPlus, the SaaS lifecycle marketing suite from 500friends, which offers a single view of all customer interactions in-store, online and via mobile.


Ethan Allen Rolls Out New Store Concept In 300 Locations

Shopping for furniture can be an inundating, time-consuming process. It may take consumers several months, or more than a year, to make a decision.

Ethan Allen is hoping to ease this process and help consumers craft the home of their dreams by unveiling a new content-rich web site and a new retail concept designed to enrich the customer experience. The new initiatives come on the heels of the retailer releasing more than 600 new product designs influenced by rustic beach houses and more chic, urban homes.

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