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BrandsMart Optimizes Field Service Operations With ServiceScheduling

Retailers that sell electronics can boost customer loyalty and satisfaction by offering additional services, such as item installation, maintenance and repairs. Because field technicians that provide these services rarely work in an office and are consistently on the road, their schedules need to align with not only their personal needs, but overall consumer demand.

BrandsMart USA, a consumer electronics and appliances retailer, has implemented the ServiceScheduling routing optimization tool from ServicePower to improve field service team productivity and cycle time, as well as save hardware, software and overhead costs.


Only 32% Of Consumers Purchase From ETailers Twice In A Year

RR RJMetrics image2Within the first year, new e-Commerce customers spend approximately $154 with retailers. Most (69%) of this amount is spent within the first 30 days, according to research from RJMetrics. However, only 32% of consumers place a second order with retailers within that year.

Marketers need to respond by increasing focus on retaining customers and maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV is the sum of all purchases a customer makes in a given time period, with the report calling it “the most important metric for understanding your business.” In fact, the fastest-growing e-Commerce retailers acquire a CLV 79% higher than their peers after a full year.


Keeping Up With The Times: Five Steps To A Personalized Retail Experience

VP site only Cayan head shotAs the lines between our virtual and physical worlds continue to blur, the brick-and-mortar retail experience is changing. And there’s a common trend among those retailers leading the way: A movement toward greater personalization.

But while in-store technology like beacons and interactive product displays is becoming more commonplace, large-scale adoption remains a work in progress, creating a less-than-ideal customer experience. A recent report from Google found that 79% of shoppers seek information essential to their purchasing decisions while in a retail store, but only two out of every three actually find the answers they need.


Psssst: Your Loyalty Program Customers Aren’t More Loyal. Does It Matter?

VP ThoughtWorks head shot

The research proves it: Your loyalty program customers spend three times more. So they’re loyal, right? And the millions you spent building and maintaining that loyalty program is the reason they spend three times more, right?

At the local supermarket, Amanda uses one of her two grocery loyalty keychain tags that she’s had forever. In the past week, she also stocked up at Trader Joe’s (with the highest grocery sales per square foot, sans program). On her way home from work yesterday, Amanda picked up several items including the new lunch salads at Cumberland Farms, after pumping gas.


Four Ways To Turn Every Customer Into A Brand Advocate

VP Stitch Labs head shotAs more small businesses enter such a saturated market, it becomes more and more of a challenge to stand out. Customers become inundated with options and can rarely tell what companies will provide the best bang for their buck. To compete, retailers must realize one thing: It’s all about the experience.

Brands that create a holistic, memorable and exceptional experience for customers know how valuable brand loyalty is. It encourages buyers to evangelize your product, allowing you to keep marketing dollars in your pocket.


Best-In-Class Retailers Embrace Clienteling To Boost Engagement, Sales

The top goal for any retail business is to not only understand target customers, but also create differentiated marketing and service experiences. 

Preliminary results from a new survey executed by Yes Lifecycle Marketing spotlights how retailers across categories are using clienteling tactics to better connect with customers across channels. With pureplay eTailers dominating a larger share of the retail market, omnichannel retailers are using their stores to build relationships and stand out from the competition.


87% Of Contact Center Leaders Say Agents Are Highly Stressed

RR Five9 ImageIn the retail industry, excellent customer service can help build a loyal consumer base. And store associates, call center agents and other service reps are the backbone of a successful customer service strategy.

To ensure customer service success, retailers agree that they need to keep their agents engaged and empowered. Up to 85% of contact center leaders agree that agent loyalty is an important priority to their brand, according to a report from the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) in partnership with Five9.


Rite Aid Introduces Wellness+ With Plenti Marketing Campaign

plenti-cardRite Aid has launched an integrated marketing campaign designed to promote its wellness+ with Plenti loyalty program. The new loyalty offering combines the Rite Aid wellness+ program with Plenti, a coalition loyalty program.

Advertising agency MARC USA created the campaign, which is designed to show how Rite Aid consumers can benefit from the collaboration. The Plenti rewards program, which is spearheaded by American Express, launched May 4 and allows consumers to earn and redeem points from AT&T, Direct Energy, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, ExxonMobil, Hulu, Macy's, Nationwide and Rite Aid.


Grotto Pizza Triples Loyalty Club Memberships With Paytronix

With successful loyalty programs in place, retailers and restaurants have the ability to boost engagement and sales, turning one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Grotto Pizza, a casual dining restaurant with 21 locations in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, has ramped up its loyalty efforts using the Paytronix Rewards Platform. Within a month of re-launching its Swirl Rewards Club program on Paytronix, overall membership tripled.


Digitally Empowered Brand Mavens Exert Purchasing Power

Shadow CASH CS001 SURV Brand Maven Mar 2015The future of retail may lie in the power of a shopper group called Brand Mavens: digitally engaged, brand-loyal consumers who are looking for the ability to use one source for completing payments, accessing loyalty points and redeeming coupons and promotional offers.

Brand Mavens — the ultimate brand advocates — currently comprise approximately 53% of the buying population in the U.S., according to a recent consumer survey conducted by Retail TouchPoints and CashStar, in conjunction with the Texas A&M Center For Retailing Studies.


Data Drive Your Decision-Making Based On What Your Customers Are 'Telling' You

VP site only TARGIT head shotAccording to the Harvard Business Review, big box stores like Walmart are honing their skills when it comes to customer loyalty, in part by creating rewards programs that both reflect and promote their brand promises. This comes as no surprise, as customer loyalty is a key element of success in the crowded and complex retail industry. However, many are beginning to confuse loyalty with promotions, loyalty cards and awards, undermining brand equity rather than building stronger ties with their customers.

Why The Focus On Customer Loyalty?


Building Brand Loyalty Through Emotional Connections

VP CrowdTwist head shotIt would be nice to think that people make all of their buying decisions based on considerations like price, quality, or convenience. Yet time and again, studies have shown that these qualities only moderately factor into consumer buying decisions. The truth, more often than not, is that people make these choices based primarily on their emotional response to a business, product, or service. In the consumer’s mind, the old adage holds that “feelings are facts.”

Whether brands are interacting with a potential customer for the first time or catering to a longtime buyer, it’s critical to fosterpositive emotional connections from the outset. This isn’t to say that quality, convenience, and value aren’t important, but in order to cement a loyal relationship over time, it is most important for companies to focus on building strong emotional bonds with their customers.


Toshiba Integrates With SAS To Strengthen Retail Loyalty

ToshibaSASToshiba Global Commerce Solutions has signed an agreement with SAS that enables the two companies to integrate retail promotions and loyalty systems with business analytics processes. The agreement is the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement for SAS.

Under the agreement, Toshiba can embed SAS advanced analytics products, such as SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics, into its loyalty management systems, allowing retailers to uncover insights that help them recognize and react to trends through real-time data visualization.


Adobe Marketing Cloud Integrates With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

AdobeAdobe and Microsoft have established a new partnership to integrate the Adobe Marketing Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This move will help organizations integrate their sales and service interactions, as well as capture a comprehensive picture of customers, from initial engagement, to acquisition, retention and loyalty.  

“Helping our customers reinvent productivity and business processes is one of our top priorities,” said Kirill Tatarinov, EVP of Microsoft Business Solutions. “Partnering with Adobe enables us to deliver a comprehensive set of customer engagement processes to enterprise customers to help them be more productive and better engage with their customers.”  

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