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Macy’s Invests In New Omnichannel Strategies

Macy’s, Inc. has unveiled new developments in its omnichannel strategies and technology investments as the retailer focuses on innovatively engaging and serving customers. Implementations at both Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores include Apple Pay, shopBeacon, same-day delivery and smart fitting rooms.

Among the series of initiatives is Apple Pay, which will be implemented in all Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores. The new payment offering, which will be available via iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mobile devices, is expected to help simplify the payment process for shoppers. In addition, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s both have introduced new mobile wallets, which are designed to allow shoppers to easily store and access coupons and offers for the Macy’s Star Rewards and Bloomingale’s Loyallist programs. The wallets will be included in both mobile apps beginning November 2014.


Emma For Shopify Extends Real-Time Targeting To Email Marketers

SS site only Shopify imageAs consumers continue to demand more personalized offers, messages and incentives, retailers must put more effort into understanding their browsing and buying habits, as well as their overall preferences. In doing so, retailers will be able to efficiently deploy more targeted messages and campaigns.

Emma for Shopify is an email marketing solution designed to allow retailers to organize customer sales data into segments based on purchasing history, enabling real-time customer targeting. All data is updated in real time as behaviors change. The solution can track purchases that result from clicked links within an email so retailers can instantly see the ROI achieved from an email marketing campaign.


Schwan’s Becomes Go-To Source For Tailgating Needs With HelloWorld

SchwansWith the college football season underway, many consumers like to spend their weekends watching games and eating their favorite foods. During this time, food brands and consumer packaged goods companies strive to stand out and engage customers across all channels to drive in-store sales.

Schwan’s Consumer Brands launched its college football web site to promote its pizza brands: Freschetta, Red Baron and Tony’s. Digital and mobile marketing agency HelloWorld launched the mobile-optimized site, which is designed to offer consumers an online destination for all their home tailgating needs. The site includes sweepstakes, recipes, tailgate hosting tips, contests, trivia, an interactive “Football Blitz” game and a scavenger hunt. The promotion went live on Aug. 1, 2014, and will run until Jan. 10, 2015.


Chico’s Exec Discusses The Next Generation Of Personalization

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.05.16 AMRetailers today are striving to create unique and memorable experiences across all channels. 

The combination of customer data, e-Commerce, mobile technology, social engagement and even interactive digital signage, can help create a compelling brand experience, and in turn, stronger relationships between a brand and its consumers.

Chico’s FAS is one retailer taking this customer-centric, omnichannel approach to marketing and commerce.


Whole Foods Market Launches One-Hour Delivery In 15 U.S. Cities

Instacart infographic hiresWhole Foods Market has formed a new partnership with Instacart to provide one-hour delivery to customers in select cities. Soon, shoppers also will have the ability to place orders through Instacart and then pick up their orders at participating stores.

Customers can order from Whole Foods Market by visiting or using the Instacart mobile app.  After selecting their ZIP code, customers add items to their virtual carts, select a delivery window and complete their transactions.


Realigning The Retail Organization For A Better Omnichannel Experience

VP Starmount head shotRetailers have not fully reorganized for the omnichannel era. It’s a point that’s underscored in a recent study from Retail Systems Research and Starmount, which found that retailers have barely reached the halfway mark on their journey to omnichannel maturity.

Shoppers expect a completely integrated experience that seamlessly bridges the physical and digital retail worlds, but retailers face challenges in delivering on that expectation. In light of widespread omnichannel solution deployment, retailers have overlooked the personnel and processes that can bar them from realizing the full potential of their technology investments. How prevalent is this mindset? Another study found that less than half of retailers have dedicated omnichannel teams working across all their business functions.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Sees Summer Success With Cross-Channel Campaign

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf had a joyous summer due to the success of its “Keep Cool and Summer On” campaign, which was crafted to promote the merchant’s line of iced beverages.

Noted as the “most significant and comprehensive” advertising campaign in the brand’s history, “Keep Cool and Summer On” initiative targeted Millennial consumers across multiple channels, including radio, more than 100 billboards and bus shelter advertisements, digital video and banner ads, according to Diane Kuyoomjian, VP of Marketing for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.


Collaboration Becomes Key To Success For Retailers And Suppliers

FEAT Collaboration1 imageIn the age of the omnichannel consumer, retailers need to ensure products are available at the right time, through the right channel and at the right price.

While it seems collaboration between retailers, suppliers and manufacturers has existed for as long as the industry itself has existed, it has become more pivotal to success as consumers grow more demanding.


Meet The Retail TouchPoints Advisory Board

Retail TouchPoints (RTP)
is proud to introduce the Retail TouchPoints Advisory Board! The Board includes a select group of leading retail executives, invited to join together to collaborate with each other and provide advice on future RTP editorial coverage.

RTP Advisory Board members include a wide variety of retail companies, from large national Tier 1 brands to regional stores and e-Commerce specialty merchants. They bring unique perspectives and industry expertise to the table.


Using Personalization To Meet The Complex Expectations Of Millennial Shoppers

VP SmartFurniture head shot 082614Now that e-Commerce has existed for the better part of 20 years, the online marketplace for furniture and home goods is starting to see a rise in buyers who grew with the internet. As these young consumers move from grad school to the workforce and into married life, they continue to use the internet for everything — including making large purchases online. So, categories like furniture and appliances — once thought to be illogical for ecommerce, are starting to see significant growth due in large part to the growing numbers of millennials.

Millennials have lived a significant portion of their social and consuming life on the internet--so the thought of having to physically see, touch or feel and item before buying it is not typically in their thought processes. 


A New Face For Birchbox: Co-Founder Discusses Dive Into Brick-And-Mortar

After meeting while attending Harvard Business School, Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp created Birchbox to help consumers test and find the products that align with their unique wants and needs.

Each month, Birchbox members receive a box filled with beauty product samples. For $10 per month, boxes cover the gamut, including test-size packages for lotions, face creams, hair masks, nail polishes and cosmetics. If subscribers like what they test, they can visit the Birchbox e-Commerce site to purchase full-size products. 


Eu Yan Sang Expands Digital Presence With Demandware

Eu Yan SangAsia-based health and wellness company Eu Yan Sang has ramped up its digital strategies with help from Demandware Commerce.

In less than five months, Eu Yan Sang launched an e-Commerce site for Singapore on the cloud-based platform. The retailer also has plans to further expand its digital presence within the region. Future plans include: Centralizing the entire customer experience, investigating responsive design, and facilitating omnichannel excellence by incorporating digital technology into the store.


Only 35% Of Retailers Create An “Excellent” Omnichannel Experience

RR Ipanema Image 1The majority (76%) of retailers understand that it is crucial that they have confidence in their technology performance, according to a survey from Ipanema Technologies. However, 78% of respondents said they are unable to quickly or easily guarantee exemplary application performance.

Retailers that achieve consistently high application performance rates can receive a number of benefits, including improved customer satisfaction (54%), employee productivity (50%) and overall brand reputation (49%).


Omnichannel Helps Macy’s Boost Sales By 3.3%

Macy’s Inc. reported sales of $6.3 billion for Q2 2014, a 3.3% increase over the same period in 2013. For the first half of 2014, sales for Macy’s, Inc. reached $12.5 billion, up 0.7% year over year.  

During a quarterly earnings report, Macy’s, Inc. Chairman and CEO Terry Lundgren noted that the entire organization has “confident optimism” for the rest of the year following a successful quarter.


Nordstrom Sees 6.2% Growth In Net Sales, Shares Details On Trunk Club Acquisition

Nordstrom executives shared details on the retailer’s acquisition of Trunk Club during the Q2 2014 earnings call, citing that the deal, including Trunk Club’s operating performance, would reduce earnings per diluted share in the 2014 FY by up to 5%.

However, Nordstrom’s quarterly results were on track with expectations; the retailer reported an increase of 6.2% in net sales versus Q2 2013. Total comparable sales for the quarter also increased 3.3%.

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