Editor Q&A: Which RSP Webinars Are You Anticipating The Most?

  • September 11, 2019 at 2:02 PM EDT
  • By Retail TouchPoints Team
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The Retail TouchPoints Retail Strategy and Planning webinar series kicks off on Monday, Sept. 16 at 12 noon Eastern — the first of a weeklong 13-session marathon featuring industry experts from Accenture and Retail Systems Research, exclusive survey data and retailer case studies including Bonobos, Grove Collaborative, Keurig and CVS.

The editors shared the sessions that they’re most eagerly anticipating, but each is sure to offer something of value for retail decision-makers.

Adam Blair, Editor: This year’s Retail Strategy and Planning webinar series offers a bounty of information and insights covering a wide range of relevant retail topics. It’s hard to pick, but I’m most looking forward to the 2019 Premium Loyalty Data Study: Will Your Customers Pay For A Loyalty Program? session that starts at 3 pm Eastern on Monday, Sept. 16. It might seem counterintuitive that, in an age of “free” Internet and content, consumers would be willing to pay to belong to a retailer loyalty program — but 100 million+ Amazon Prime members seem to like their bargain. I’m curious to learn more about what goes into a successful premium loyalty program, as well as what benefits it brings to the retailer (besides the subscription fees). I’ve long felt that the real value of any loyalty program is the privileged access to their customers that they provide to retailers. It’s likely that, when done well, adding a transactional element deepens the relationship for both sides.

Glenn Taylor, Senior Editor: This may be a tad self-promotional here but I’m most excited for my own session with my colleague Alicia Esposito, titled: 5 Ways To Use Data And Insights To Adapt To New Retail Realities. For one, it will be my first time cohosting and sharing talking points within a webinar instead of just moderating one, so there’s definitely a bit of nervousness and excitement for that. But additionally I think the content here is essential to what retailers need to thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment. Some of the topics Alicia and I will be expounding on include the shifting spending power of Millennial and Gen Z shoppers, the rise of DTC brands and even the proliferation of “Retail-as-a-service” within the industry. And while we spotlight the trends, we’ll also dive into how retailers can better leverage their data platforms to ensure that they can capitalize on the constant changes in shopper behavior. Tune in on Sept. 20 at noon ET!


Bryan Wassel, Associate Editor: The Creating A Seamless Purchase And Delivery Experience In Time For The Holidays session holds the most interest for me, because the holiday season seems to be more and more dominated by convenience. With mobile shopping coming into its own, e-Commerce retailers seeking to capture customers using a small touchscreen need to minimize checkout friction and simplify delivery as much as possible. While friction reduction has been a long-time imperative, modern tools and shopping habits have only served to make small frustrations seem all the more frustrating — and the last thing any retailer wants to do is drive a nearly-there conversion into Amazon’s waiting arms. Delivery success rates also are a real concern around the holidays, when sheer volume causes delays and outright failures, so tips on getting this vital part of the process right are always welcome.



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