Podcast: Brian Solis Breaks Down New Rules For The Novel Economy

  • August 25, 2020 at 1:07 PM EDT
  • By Marisa Jentz
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When he began his tenure as Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce in March 2020, Brian Solis had no idea a global pandemic would completely change everything we once knew to be true about retail and consumer behavior.  

The impact of the novel coronavirus inspired Solis’ inception of the “Novel Economy”; “novel” in this context meaning new and unusual. Just as we don’t yet have a real solution for the virus, retailers have no tried-and-true playbook for conducting business in the middle of a pandemic. We are left to invent our path forward as we go. 

“I didn’t want to talk about the ‘new normal’ because none of this is normal,” Solis said. “This is an interim normal. As an optimist, it’s an opportunity to reimagine the way forward.” 

During this special video episode of Retail Remix, Brian and Alicia Esposito talk about how our mindsets, lifestyles and behaviors during this time will serve as a catalyst for our future. 





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