Podcast: COVID Sparks a New Era for DTC

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During these turbulent times, retailers have been fighting to get as close to their customers as possible — not just to engage with them, but to help enable their purchase decisions, as well. That’s why we’ve been seeing a fascinating evolution in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space. 

As Co-founder and CEO of retail technology company BluecoreFayez Mohamood has had his fair share of conversations with brand executives, especially those in the DTC space. While many think of companies like Warby Parker and Dollar Shave Club, which have successfully disrupted their categories, we’re seeing household names like PepsiCo and Clorox launch their own branded experiences to get closer to their customers.  

As more companies try to capitalize on the DTC movement, there are some new trends, best practices and implications they must consider, especially in the current climate. That is why Mohamood founded the DTC Collective, an industry think tank for and by digital retail executives. During this Retail Remix episode, he shares: 

  • Why a collective was needed for the booming DTC space; 
  • New challenges that have emerged for DTC amid the pandemic; 
  • How DTC brands and their retail peers can address new customer needs and expectations; and 
  • Trends and best practices to apply during the holiday season and beyond. 




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