Podcast: How COVID-19 is Rewriting the Marketing Rulebook

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As the pandemic continues to shift consumer behaviors and sentiment, brands and retailers should rethink the way they market. Historically, demographic consumer data was enough to formulate a messaging and marketing plan. But humans are complex and they want to buy from companies that offer great value, great experiences and align with their needs and values.

“A business that is unable to create a strong brand identity today gets lost very quickly because the competition is fierce, it’s global and there are obviously external factors like pandemics and economic swings that make it even more difficult,” said Ross Kimbarovsky, Founder and CEO of Crowdspring.

During this Retail Remix episode, Ross shares his perspective on how the psychology of marketing has changed, and how these changes will impact:

  • Branding and design;
  • Messaging and engagement strategies;
  • Adoption of mission-based business; and
  • Brand reinvention.




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