Podcast: How Gemist is Transforming the Jewelry Shopping Experience

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Life-changing ideas can come when we least expect it. For Madeline Fraser, shopping for an engagement ring was overwhelming. She knew she wanted something unique and customized, but also sustainably sourced and easy to buy. She ended up having to custom design her ring at a small shop — a process that took several weeks. That’s when she came up with idea behind Gemist, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand designed to disrupt online jewelry shopping, customization and try-on experiences. 

“I wanted to create something really accessible that really resonates,” Fraser said. “No matter what your style is, no matter what your budget is — you can come here and create something unique to you.”

During this episode of Retail Remix, we go inside the Gemist business, including:

  • The typical challenges Gemist’s business model tries to solve;
  • How Gemist uses audience input and even one-to-one conversations to drive innovation; and
  • How the business has evolved and scaled during the pandemic.




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