Podcast: New Imperatives For SEO Success

  • July 21, 2020 at 1:26 PM EDT
  • By Marisa Jentz
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Most purchase decisions still begin with a basic search. What’s changing, however, is where those searches take place. Most still happen on a search engine, but some occur via personal digital assistants, Amazon, social media and other platforms.  

Customers asking Alexa or Google can instantly be connected to products, but it often takes out the “magic” of the discovery process that many retailers bank on. While they want their products to appear high in search rankings, they also want to be able to expose shoppers to other products that might be of interest. Brand discovery and engagement has become far more difficult, especially for smaller brands. 

With recent announcements from Google indicating that rankings will be influenced by more experience-driven factors, such as slow load times, disruptive advertising tactics such as pop-ups, and more, it’s time for retailers to reconsider their SEO strategy. 

“You can actually change the experience that your customers have with your brand by aligning the way that you do SEO,” said Chris Rodgers, CEO and Founder of Colorado SEO Pros, during the latest episode of Retail Remix

Host Alicia Esposito sat down with Chris to break down some new imperatives for SEO success. Listen as they discuss: 

  • How to refine SEO strategies to address timely business services; 
  • Using SEO to bolster in-store traffic; 
  • The role of content marketing in SEO strategy; and 
  • How voice search will impact SEO. 



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