Podcast: Why Does E-Commerce Discovery Still Stink?

  • July 7, 2020 at 11:20 AM EDT
  • By Marisa Jentz
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What do TJ Maxx, QVC and HSN have in common? They have mastered the thrill of discovery. TJ Maxx stores are laid out to inspire treasure hunting, while QVC and HSN inspire TV viewers to shop on their mobile devices to capitalize on limited-time offers and scarce inventory.  
These models don’t just enthrall shoppers — they motivate them to take action. Why is it, then, that so few brands are creating similar experiences, especially online? 

Andrew Blachman, President of Tophatter, believes few e-Commerce sites are equipped to drive true discovery, and that there’s plenty of room for improvement. Specifically, he believes that many brand and retailer sites lack the capabilities that add surprise and delight to shopping and encourage the “thrill of the hunt.” 

“If you don’t have a path to go from physical to digital, there’s an opportunity for others to come in and take that from you,” Andrew explained. 

In this week’s episode of Retail Remix, Andrew shares: 

  • The inspiration behind Tophatter; 
  • Why they decided to prioritize the mobile experience; 
  • How his experience in the ticketing space drives his ideas; and 
  • How brands can use gamification and discovery methods to boost online engagement and conversions.



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