How A Route Planner Can Make E-Commerce Delivery Seamless

  • August 23, 2019 at 1:09 PM EDT
  • By Inbal Axelrod, MyRouteOnline
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Technology. It is all the talk lately, especially in the modern retail landscape, that is e-Commerce. Technology has revolutionized the way we shop, due to the seamless integration of e-Commerce into our everyday busy lives.

Now, when we want something, we turn to online retailers, and this trend is one that will be sticking around for a while. However, with this new method of shopping comes increased challenges for e-Commerce stores, and increased delivery demands.

To propel this change, businesses must embrace cost and time-efficient tools that’ll get the job done — with time to spare. And, one tool shaking up the status quo is a route planner.


Of course, striking the right balance between orders and deliveries is no easy feat, and there are certain risks of getting it wrong. But, once mastered you’ll find your online store reaping the benefits.

Below are three methods in which a route planner can transform last-mile delivery into a seamless and stress-free endeavor.

Avoid Time Wasting

From wrong turns to excessive idling, to longer distances between destinations, there is a range of factors that greatly impact the amount of time it takes your drivers to reach all their intended destinations — or in other words, the amount of wasted time that could be properly utilized. And, these days, with increased delivery demands, numbers and time frames, it’s crucial that every moment your drivers spend on the road is valuable to the company. After all, when it comes to the last mile, time is of the essence, as every minute wasted deepens the hole in your pocket.

A route planner is a perfect tool to add to your box of solutions. Armed with this tool, businesses are able to present their drivers with a route, that’ll clearly mark out their intended destinations, provide them with turn-by-turn directions, and ensure they are on the road only for as long as they truly need to be.

Upgrade Poor Routes

Miscalculated routes, last minute changes, unforeseen road conditions and constant backtracking are all factors that threaten a route’s success and are hard to account for when planning routes manually. Thereby, guaranteeing you’ll end up with longer, and less efficient routes that use up more time, and fuel than necessary. This is not the best road to be taking when looking to remain within budget, wouldn’t you agree?

With its automatic optimization capabilities, route planning software obviates the need to plan routes by hand. Rather than spending hours meticulously planning and calculating directions, with route planning software all you need to do is input your various destinations, and let the planner do the work. Now, what would have taken you hours to plan can be done in mere moments. Therefore, presenting you with the opportunity to better spend your valuable time on other important tasks.

Once optimized, what you receive is a detailed and efficient route, that takes into consideration all external variables that a manual route cannot. Therefore, allowing your drivers to reach all their destinations at the right time, while saving you time, fuel and money along the way.

Create Real-Time ETA’s

We all know that the customer is always right, and these words couldn’t be truer for e-Commerce companies, as customer satisfaction has a huge impact on your company’s bottom line. In fact, a study found that 66% of shoppers buy goods from one retailer rather than another due to more appealing delivery services. Therefore, ensuring you are providing customers with as much transparency as possible, and that they are happy at all times is key. The main way to do this is by keeping them informed on their parcel delivery in real-time.

Most fleets have built-in GPS, but for those that don’t, route planning software has their back. GPS provides fleet managers with the transparency they seek and enables them to obtain all information needed to keep the last mile running smoothly. More so, through this visibility, they can provide their customers with real-time ETA’s and guarantee their customers aren’t left waiting around all day for their packages.


So, there you have it, a route planner is the perfect tool for bringing together all elements of your e-Commerce delivery.

Whether managing fuel usage, delivering on time or streamlining routes, with this tool, you’ll be able to increase customer satisfaction and satisfy your company’s bottom line. Sounds like a win-win, wouldn’t you agree?


Inbal Axelrod is the co-founder and CMO at MyRouteOnline, a multiple stop route planner that helps make businesses more efficient through route optimization. With the optimized route, individuals can arrive at all planned destinations at the expected time, avoid backtracking, and time-wasting. Meaning, customers will be able to please more customers, while saving time and money along the way. Axelrod can be reached at

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