Amazon Simplifies International Purchases Of U.S. Goods

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Amazon has launched the International Shopping platform on the Amazon Shopping App, allowing shoppers in more than 100 countries to browse over 45 million items from the U.S. The app is currently available in five languages, including Spanish, English, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and German, as well as 25 currencies. More options will be added throughout 2018.

The app displays pricing, shipping and import duty estimates to help shoppers understand the full cost of their purchase. Items are available from multiple product categories including electronics, books, clothing, shoes and toys, and shoppers can change their location at any time to see what products are available for delivery at the selected location.

While International Shopping is only available on mobile, that shouldn’t be an issue: mobile is the preferred shopping platform in major emerging markets, according to 3 Steps To Conquering The $4.5 Trillion Global Commerce Market.




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