American Apparel Deploys Performance-Based Scheduling Chainwide

  • May 26, 2016 at 3:52 PM EDT
  • By Glenn Taylor
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American Apparel is rolling out the StoreForce performance based scheduling platform in all of its 202 stores.

The StoreForce platform is designed to enable retail managers to schedule associates based on in-store traffic patterns and to measure performance against goals that can be communicated across a retailer’s organization. American Apparel can use the solution to schedule appropriately qualified associates at peak sales opportunity times throughout the week.

Store managers can view real-time store metrics within the platform, while district managers can access mobile dashboards that can help them coach stores on course-correcting behaviors.


The retailer also can use the solution’s Workforce Management component to output data directly to payroll providers, minimizing time spend on payroll processing.

“It was a priority for me to get StoreForce in place, because I knew that if I could better manage traffic and conversion, I could drive sales up,” said Christine Olcu, General Manager of Global Retail at American Apparel. “It’s about enabling sales floor leaders and store managers to coach ‘in the moment’ based on real-time store performance and enhance the customer experience.”



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