HSE24 Bolsters Supplier Collaboration With Merchandise Management Solution

  • July 16, 2018 at 9:19 PM EDT
  • By Bryan Wassel
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German retailer HSE24, which sells through television, online and mobile channels, has selected Aptos subsidiary TXT Retail for its end-to-end lifecycle merchandise management. The retailer expects the TXTPLM cloud-based solution to streamline and accelerate product development and sourcing.

HSE24 has more than two million active customers across all of its channels. The retailer features more than 20,000 products each year in the fashion, jewelry, beauty, wellness, household, home and living categories, reaching shoppers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Russia.


The retailer will use TXTPLM for tasks including assortment planning and supplier collaboration, creating a centralized solution designed to foster collaboration and reduce redundant activities. The solution will improve the accuracy of HSE24’s line planning, tighten connections between product development and supply partners and streamline product development and sourcing.

“Our customer-driven approach, where the shopper decides how, where and when he wants to buy, calls for ever-more-responsive product development and sourcing,” said Jan Schulze, CMO of HSE24 in a statement. “TXT Retail will help us streamline and further accelerate the process through more standardized information and procedures.”


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