JOANN Upgrades Customer Service With Boosted Personalization And Efficiency

  • October 17, 2019 at 6:11 PM EDT
  • By Bryan Wassel
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JOANN has improved its omnichannel customer service experience through a partnership with Gladly. The platform lets JOANN route queries to the specific customer service agent best-suited to resolve each particular concern, and provides unified reporting across all channels to help JOANN executives better understand how customer service is impacting the bottom line.

Additionally, Gladly has helped the retailer offer more personalized customer service by giving agents visibility into each shopper’s entire communication history. This system helps JOANN determine when shoppers send repeat messages, which helped the retailer cut email response times by 70% and reduce its weekly backlog of customer emails by 93%.

“Prior to Gladly, each email request came into our system as a separate ticket,” said Drew Chamberlain, Director of Store Operations and Customer Experience at JOANN in commentary emailed to Retail TouchPoints. “This meant some customers were sending multiple messages, all related to the same question, that would be distributed to multiple support team members. As a result, our team would answer the same question numerous times and the customer experience became repetitive.”


The new customer service platform is part of a broader effort by JOANN to grow its omnichannel and e-Commerce capabilities. The company is focused on modernizing the customer experience across all channels, improving both convenience and personalization.

“With Gladly, everything is now consolidated into one conversation that allows us to provide efficient, more personalized email support,” said Chamberlain. “Customers love it. Our goal is to help people find their own creative happy place, and we’re better equipped to do that because of the ongoing conversations we can maintain with each customer.”



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