Mexican Convenience Store Chain Goes All-In With Price Optimization

  • December 7, 2017 at 4:43 PM EST
  • By Klaudia Tirico
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The OXXO convenience store chain will now be able to deliver more focused price updates, with its adoption of the Revionics Price Suite for its 15,000+ stores across Mexico. The retailer has entered into a license agreement with the price optimization software provider to automate its pricing and help drive increased unit sales, while also aiming to:

  • Sustain margins and profitability;
  • Maintain competitive positioning and drive targeted key value items; and
  • Empower category managers and make the pricing team a more strategic partner to the business owners.

The retailer also will leverage Revionics’ optional analytical services, such as Key Value Item Analysis, Elasticity Workbench and Store Zone Clustering.

“As we continue to focus on better efficiency and automation companywide while delivering more customer-centric and competitive pricing, we wanted price optimization that leverages a science-based approach utilizing diverse data sources to drive customer loyalty and deliver bottom-line results,” said Pedro Esquivel, Director of Marketing and Commercial Strategy at OXXO in a statement. “With Revionics, we found all of those capabilities plus the added value of a vendor with a very partner-driven approach that focuses on the long-term health of the relationship.”




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