Moosejaw Opens Its Own Digital Store On

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Walmart has opened a flagship e-Commerce site for Moosejaw on called the Premium Outdoor Store. The web site will feature the everyday camping supplies already available at Walmart, along with a selection of previously unavailable specialty products from Moosejaw and other brands.

The retailer plans to expand the site’s assortment over time, adding more items from both Moosejaw and other retailers. Moosejaw is working with Store No 8, Walmart’s in-house innovation center, to develop a virtual reality component, and the outdoor retailer is also seeking to develop better personalization solutions.


“Personalization remains a key priority for us and other retailers out there: understanding a customer’s past activity and behavior, as well as reading all their signals to make a logical prediction in anticipating future needs,” said Dan Pingree, CMO of Moosejaw in an exclusive Q&A with Retail TouchPoints. “In a world with seemingly endless choices, helping a customer feel deeply understood will be key to cementing their loyalty.”

Since Walmart acquired Moosejaw in February 2017, the outdoor retailer has started offering free two-day shipping on orders over $49, invested in technology improvements to its home site and seen a 50% increase in the redemption rate for its loyalty program.



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