Smart & Final Bolsters Operations With Chainwide Managed Services Solution

  • August 21, 2019 at 4:12 PM EDT
  • By Bryan Wassel
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Smart & Final will enhance its store operations through a partnership with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. The tools will help Smart & Final improve the customer experience across its more than 300 locations by monitoring all in-store point-of-sale technology, including peripherals, store servers and timeclocks, through a single solution.

The combined system will work to keep Smart & Final stores operational 365 days a year and minimize downtime when issues do occur. Additionally, the Toshiba Managed Services team will work with the retailer to deliver benefits including:

  • Enabling real-time input to improve in-store systems performance, asset tracking, critical situations and overall store impact through onsite Smart & Final support team;
  • Providing insights to improve in-store systems decisions, inventory adjustments, trend analysis, process improvements and store performance; and
  • Collaborating to identify opportunities for service call reductions to improve uptime, associate satisfaction and overall customer satisfaction.

“We are passionate about providing our customers, as well as our associates, with a more satisfying in-store experience,” said Ed Wong, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer at Smart & Final in a statement. “Even as we continue to grow, our everyday focus is making sure all of our retail stores operate with excellence. Toshiba’s proven commitment to optimizing store operations through their experienced personnel and best-in-class managed services methodologies provide us the peace of mind to focus on our core business and our customers.”




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