Ternua Integrates Social Commerce Photos Into Online Store

  • November 14, 2019 at 9:06 PM EST
  • By Bryan Wassel
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Ternua, a Spanish sustainable outdoor apparel brand, has partnered with visual commerce solution provider Photoslurp to collect shoppers’ social content and integrate it into the retailer’s online store. This lets customers see their products “in real life,” giving the photos and the products a more authentic appearance.

“We had the idea that we wanted to improve the photos that we show of our products in our e-Commerce, and we liked the fact that user generated content (UGC) brings more value to them,” said Asier Balza, Digital Marketing Manager of Ternua Group in a statement. “So that was when we realized that including UGC in our social galleries on our e-Commerce fit perfectly into our strategy.”

Social commerce is a powerful tool: 19% of Americans have purchased a product or service because an influencer promoted it on social media, according to Civic Science, and 9.1% of traffic referred to e-Commerce sites came from social sites in Q1 2019, according to Adobe Digital Insights. Research from InfluencerDB revealed that the top 20 retailers spent $172 million in social channels in 2018 and received $3 billion in total earned media value in return.


However, social commerce conversions often fail to create long-term customers. Combining the authenticity of a social post with the loyalty-building capabilities of a dedicated web site could give Ternua a longer-lasting sales boost.



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