Tesco Adds Contactless Features To Loyalty Card

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Tesco has unveiled a contactless option as part of its Clubcard loyalty program. Thames Card Technology developed the project in partnership with Tesco.

Rather than swiping a loyalty card at the POS terminal, users can instead just tap the card to instantly add any earned points from their transaction. Customers can use the card in three different ways at the POS: tapping using contactless, swiping the magnetic stripe or scanning the barcode.

In addition to the contactless feature, Tesco also has updated its physical Clubcard, giving customers the option to use the Tesco Clubcard mobile app to sign up in the store and gain access to vouchers at checkout. The completely redesigned card is designed to increase security and value for customers, and gives Tesco greater brand recognition and actionable data.


Thames has now completed the personalization, processing and issuance of 750,000 card packs per week over the course of the project for Tesco. Several million UK customers now have the contactless cards in hand, according to the retailer.



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