Walgreens to Offer Pay-With-Points Option

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Walgreens is launching a pay-with-points option to give customers more payment flexibility for in-store purchases.

Starting in October, Walgreens customers will be given the option to pay with points at the POS after they’ve dipped, swiped or tapped their eligible card. A prompt on the card terminal will ask the shopper if they want to apply a credit, worth $10 per transaction, based on their available points. 

Walgreens is one of a growing number of merchants to offer this service, joining companies such as PayPal, Shell and BP. The drugstore chain is partnering with FIS for its Premium Payback solution, a real-time rewards redemption network.

“Research shows that the ability to use card loyalty points to make purchases is becoming an increasingly important factor in consumer decisions on where to shop,” said Bruce Lowthers, President of Banking and Merchant Solutions at FIS in statement. “By integrating FIS Premium Payback into its in-store payments network, Walgreens is taking a bold step to bring new levels of savings and value to its customers and drive return shopping.”




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