JOANN Taps Interim CEO For Permanent Role

  • February 8, 2019 at 6:42 PM EST
  • By Glenn Taylor
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JOANN Stores has named Wade Miquelon as President and CEO. Miquelon had filled these roles on an interim basis after Jill Soltau left to take the reins of CEO at JCPenney in October 2018. JOANN also appointed Miquelon to the company’s Board of Directors.

Miquelon joined JOANN as EVP and CFO in March 2016 from Walgreens, and helped drive a growth plan including revitalized branding, refreshed merchandising, expanded digital capabilities and customer-focused storefront innovation, according to a company statement. He remained EVP and CFO even as he took on the Interim CEO and President titles.

In Miquelon’s brief tenure as CEO and President, the retailer has gone out of its way to implement new customer-facing technologies that differ from a traditional “arts and crafts” store experience. JOANN recently rolled out 3D laser printer/cutter technology in select stores, as part of its investment in 3D printing startup Glowforge. Additionally, the retailer launched MyFabric, a service powered by digital printing technology WeaveUp that allows shoppers to customize designer patterns on different fabrics.


The retailer’s modernization efforts had started with Soltau, who took the CEO role in 2015. Last March, JOANN launched JOANN+, a new sales program for high-volume customers such as businesses and nonprofits, designed to provide bulk prices, flexible payment and financing plans, and rebates of $25 for the first $500 spent.

Current COO Matt Susz will take over Miquelon’s duties as CFO.



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