Café Britt Increases Email Open Rates By 18% With AgilOne

  • February 6, 2015 at 1:00 PM EST
  • By Glenn Taylor
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Retailers are implementing more personalized messages, offers and campaigns to engage with consumers and drive ongoing revenue.

Café Britt, a gourmet coffee and chocolate retailer, selected predictive marketing provider AgilOne to craft customized campaigns such as abandoned browse reminders, smart product recommendations and reactivation offers.

Within six months of implementing AgilOne, Café Britt saw an 18% increase in email open rates and a 15% increase in conversion rates. The retailer also was able to bring back 9% of its inactive customers through birthday and anniversary campaigns.


“The best part is, once we started putting these campaigns in place, we started some seeing results after two weeks,” said Sourav Sharma, Head of Online Marketing and E-Commerce at Café Britt. “We gave it more time to see whether that positive trend continued. We are confident that these kinds of campaigns definitely drive a decent revenue for us that otherwise wouldn’t have been in place.”

Café Britt has stores in 11 countries and plans to open in three more. Each store is tailored to the design preferences and culture of each region. The e-Commerce site offers gourmet coffee options from Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru.

Using the AgilOne platform, Café Britt can segment customers by product preferences and buying behaviors, and then use this information to deliver more relevant content. For example, the retailer is now able to group customers who only buy chocolate products, understand the flavors they tend to buy and more accurately cross-sell to these customers with coffee products they may like.

“During our kickoff call with the AgilOne reps, we designed some objectives that we wanted to accomplish out of the partnership,” Sharma said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Our biggest goal was to increase the number of active customers we had, and bring back a lot of the older customers who were not coming back.”

However, Café Britt is in the midst of remodeling its web site, and has put campaigns on hold. Once the new site is launched, Café Britt will focus more extensively on re-engaging consumers who abandon the browsing experience. The retailer also plans to implement a “restarting” campaign that incentivizes consumers to make a second purchase.

“Café Britt has been known for delivering an amazing coffee from the best regions and locations, but a lot of new customers in particular are not being educated the way they should be,” Sharma stated. “One of the things we have designed using AgilOne is our welcome series that is doing an amazing job for us so far. With the new web site coming in, there will be a lot more content, how-to videos, videos of the roasting process of how the chocolates are being made. A customer who buys only chocolates or a customer who buys only coffee from different regions will be catered content that is pretty much related to that.”



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