Bluecore Combs Through Browsing Data to Target Shoppers on the Right Channels

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Multi-channel marketing technology company Bluecore has released Bluecore Advertise, the first of the solution provider’s product lines to operate outside of retailers’ owned and ecommerce shopping channels. Bluecore Advertise combines retailers’ first-party shopper data on more than 20 digital ad channels, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, with the goal of helping them target shoppers on the channels where they spend the most time.

One of the applications allows retailers to use their first-party shopper data to predict what their shoppers want to see next, use that information to orchestrate communications and then reach a specific individual with 1:1 recommendations on digital ad channels. Bluecore Advertise is designed to gather insight into the different channels shoppers visit and what they engage with, to understand which ads they want to see on which channel at what time.

Bluecore Advertise builds on the personalization capabilities of the solution provider’s earlier offerings. Bluecore Communicate was designed to help retailers bring together their batch emails and triggered emails to introduce fully personalized emails, while Bluecore Site aims to allow for customization of every step of the online shopping experience.


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