ClickTale Builds In-House Consulting Team To Strengthen Consumer Behavior Analysis

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ClickTale has enhanced its end-to-end digital optimization solution with consumer behavior analysis provided by an in-house psychologist, Dr. Liraz Margalit, PhD. With the addition of Dr. Margalit, the ClickTale consulting team provides insights on consumer behavior, decision-making processes and game theory analysis, to better understand user intent.

The insights enhance ClickTale’s offering, which includes visual behavior reporting tools such as data heat maps, session replays and conversion funnels. The visuals are designed to assist clients in understanding all points of their business, including analytics, e-Commerce and digital, operations, user experience and marketing.

“We couldn’t understand why so many visitors were reaching the final stages but not clicking the Checkout button in the Shopping Cart,” said Bei He, Business Analyst at The North Face. “We turned to ClickTale’s Heatmaps, Session Playback and Conversion Funnels to figure out what they were looking at in the cart and where they were going. ClickTale’s in-page analysis steered us towards running the A/B test, and we are very happy with the outcome. After a short period of testing, we modified the page and the metrics could not be better.”


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