Energybox Launches New Software Platform

  • December 27, 2018 at 3:07 PM EST
  • By Adam Blair
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Energybox has introduced a new version of its software, designed to allow businesses to keep track of equipment and facilities in multiple locations. The flexible platform can enable improved consistency and quality across all platforms with real-time critical alerts and diagnostics sent directly to an email or text.

Key features of the new software include:

Operational Monitoring: Wireless sensors monitor temperatures and door access across all equipment. Users can set custom thresholds and parameters with tiered notifications;


Equipment Tracking Sensors: Sensors connect with existing circuit breakers to live-track equipment and optimize energy costs;

Dispenser Monitoring: Retailers can reduce their risk of credit card skimming and fraud with real-time notifications of dispenser door activity; and

Food Monitoring: Retailers can monitor the conditions that help ensure food safety, including temperature, humidity and equipment performance.

The software collects data from wireless sensors that is then processed, aggregated and stored in an encrypted and secured Energybox cloud. Along with an integrated data system, the solution allows users to interface with their existing software tools and applications.

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