Outlier Delivers Platform Designed To Inform Managers Of Data-Driven Trend Changes

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Outlier offers retailers automated business analysis (ABA) software that monitors their data in real time and notifies managers of unexpected or dramatic change daily. Companies can use this information on data and behavioral changes to make quick business decisions to leverage changing customer preferences, modify marketing spend, optimize supply chains or inventory, alleviate criminal activity and more.

Unlike business intelligence solutions, ABA software is designed to connect to existing sources of data in minutes, requires no integration or analytics expertise and delivers just the four to five important and unexpected data changes that are actionable. Outlier’s software is compatible with tools including Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Amazon Redshift and Stripe.

Other features of the Outlier ABA platform include:


  • Immediate insights: Insights are delivered quickly to help businesses stay on top of important changes, while focusing on the top four to five important points;
  • Identifying unexpected changes: ABA finds the “needles” hiding in the haystacks of their data, giving retailers insights into impacts they may not be tracking; and
  • Cross-platform operations: Retailers don’t operate in data silos, so ABA looks across marketing, finance and sales datasets to form a holistic view of how the business is performance.

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