UserTesting Unveils Customer Interview Solution

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UserTesting has launched Live Conversation, a solution designed to help retailers conduct live interviews with customers. Product teams, marketers, UX and CX professionals can use the platform to make smarter decisions based on real-time human insights.

Live Conversation is designed to enable retailers to:

• Start conducting interviews in as little as a day. Whereas traditional interviews and focus groups often require weeks for recruiting and scheduling, Live Conversation interviews only need a one-day lead time.


• Have open, two-way conversations. Users can ask follow-up questions and dive deeper into new areas of interest. Live Conversation is designed for early stages of development, such as prototype tests, discovery interviews and testing marketing comps.

• Uncover and share insights across the organization. Interview recordings are integrated into the UserTesting dashboard enabling customers to view, edit, and share videos across the team. Interviews can be automatically transcribed to help teams more efficiently uncover insights. 

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