Yottaa Adds Suite Of New Features To E-Commerce Acceleration Platform

  • April 18, 2019 at 1:00 PM EDT
  • By Bryan Wassel
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Yottaa, a cloud platform for accelerating e-Commerce, has launched a selection of new tools to help retailers quickly detect and resolve web site performance problems. New features include:

  • Anomaly AI: A tool that uses machine learning to detect the behavior of individual page elements, which can help pages load faster, more consistently and more securely;
  • E-Commerce 3rd Party Technology Knowledgebase: This database collects performance data on more than 900 third-party technologies from over 1,500 e-Commerce web sites, helping retailers quickly identify and resolve related performance issues; and
  • Grafana and Slack integration: These features let Yottaa communicate more efficiently with its customers.

Yottaa also has enhanced its security capabilities with bot detection and mitigation options. This partnership with PerimeterX, a bot mitigation solution provider, gives customers access to several new tools:

  • Bot Detection: Fingerprint-based tools, behavioral analysis and predictive security intelligence that can detect even highly sophisticated bots;
  • Bot Edge Protection: PerimeterX Bot Defender is integrated into the Yottaa Network to stop malicious bot traffic before it can reach a targeted site;
  • False Positive Resolution: This software identifies legitimate traffic caught in bot detection and resolves the issue so that no actual shoppers are turned away; and
  • Real-Time Analytics: The associated control dashboards can monitor incidents, manage bot traffic and adjust security rules in real time.

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