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Award-winning creative consultancy Masquespacio has partnered with Bun, an Italian fast-food chain, to create a new kind of burger joint. Initially, the creative duo successfully launched a location in Bligny, Milan; now, they bring a similar creative aesthetic to Turin.

The restaurant uses three large shopping windows as the “centerpiece” of the experience, with each getting their own distinct brand color. “The idea to play with one color for each window creates a visual effect from the outside that makes the spectator from the exterior walk from one visual world into the other, traveling through different experiences in the same space,” explained Ana Hernández, creative director of Masquespacio.

The main entrance touts Bun’s iconic green color and takes visitors to the order bar. Meanwhile, the pink and blue colors take customers to two seating spaces: in the pink space, they will see Bun’s classic arc design and discover that they can sit at another level of the space. Meanwhile, the blue zone adds a touch of fun and gives visitors the chance to enjoy Bun burgers in a space that simulates a huge swimming pool that makes them feel like they’re floating in the water.  

The space features some of Bun’s most established brand elements, such as its distinct furniture and arcs, next to new materials like ceramics and terrazzo.

Photos by Gregory Abbate 



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