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Equipping The New Store Associate: Harnessing Mobile And Microlearning To Adapt To COVID-19 And Beyond

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Retailers will face a new challenge as they reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: preparing their workforce to handle the requirements of the new normal. Many associates are coming back from months of furlough, and will require both training to get back up to speed and learn new coronavirus-related safety procedures.

One of the best solutions to the need for new knowledge and work processes can be found in workers’ pockets: their mobile devices. While mobile solutions are nothing new in the retail industry, now may be the time for retailers to embrace the independence of the truly connected associate and realize benefits such as:

  • Improved Handling Of COVID-19 Tasks: Mobile devices can assist with both preparation and execution of tasks ranging from traffic monitoring to wellness checks;
  • A Better Approach To Training: Mobile-enabled microlearning can enhance the training process by providing lessons in timely, bite-sized pieces that are more likely to stick;
  • Scheduling Optimization: Mobile devices can give associates more flexibility and autonomy, improving their satisfaction and reducing absentee rates; and
  • Improved communication: Mobile devices can keep associates connected and informed during a chaotic time of shifting needs and regulations.

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