How A Pay Experience Helps Retailers Attract And Retain Employees And Boost Productivity

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused retailers to rethink almost everything about the way they work. As brands re-emerge from the pandemic, they face new challenges attracting and retaining the workers they need to staff new and newly reopened locations.  

One area brands can’t afford to overlook is pay. It plays a role in every retailer’s success strategy, and it’s changed forever. Pay isn’t just about issuing paychecks anymore. It’s now part of a critical experience that forges trust between an employee and an employer. 

This e-Book explores the elements of a positive Pay Experience, including case studies from Adecco and Wireless Vision that demonstrate it in action. In addition, major benefits to retailers are outlined, including:  

  • Enhanced employee productivity; 
  • Lower employee turnover; and  
  • Reductions in cash theft. 

Check out the E-book to learn more! 

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