How Retailers Can Turn The ‘Amazon Effect’ To Their Own Advantage

It’s hard to find an area of the retail shopper experience where Amazon has not had a significant impact, from loyalty programs to streamlining payments to cashierless brick-and-mortar stores. Faced with the combination of Amazon’s resources and its grand plans, what can competing retailers do? Plenty — and many are already doing it.

This second annual guide to Winning With Pages From Amazon’s Playbook offers a look at key technologies that retailers can use to keep pace with, or even outpace, the Seattle-based giant, including:

  • Creating a unified commerce framework;
  • Profit-optimizing inventory;
  • Removing friction from shopping and checkout;
  • Enhancing loyalty programs;
  • Establishing marketplaces;
  • Optimizing promotional strategies; and
  • Leveraging stores and other touch points to create an appealing omnichannel experience.

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