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Mastering Mobile-First Marketing: Leverage Devices’ Role As Consumer Problem-Solvers

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The first step in any marketing campaign is getting your message in front of your audience, which means getting on shoppers’ handheld devices. This mobile-centric world has created new challenges for retailers to overcome — including “How do you make an impression without creating friction?” and “How do you integrate into a popular social platform in a natural way?

Mobile-first marketing requires working within the existing infrastructure of the typical mobile experience, rather than continuing to rely on strategies that may have proven effective in other channels. Mobile ads are more successful when they guide shoppers’ natural journeys, rather than trying to force a sale or otherwise disrupt normal activity.

This Retail TouchPoints Tech Guide provides a deep dive into how retailers can adapt their marketing strategies to create effective, frictionless mobile content, including tips on:

  • Keeping up with shifting media consumption habits;
  • Perfecting social commerce and shoppable content; and
  • Taking advantage of mobile’s unique opportunities.

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