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Move From Point Of Sale To Point Of Service Through Full ERP Integration

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A quick trip to one of America’s malls or department stores reveals a public space where people still enjoy an interactive, hands-on shopping experience that’s yet to be emulated online.

After all, where else can you shop for an outfit at Nordstrom, get in on the latest fast fashion trend at H&M, enjoy a chocolate-dipped strawberry at Godiva, and catch a whiff of Lush’s latest scents all under the same roof?

Unfortunately, many shoppers are driven online in droves due to lengthy checkout lines, empty shelves and having to shop at multiple stores. However, these frustrations can all be solved by blending a customer-centric approach with an all-in-one business management platform.

This white paper will:

  • Demonstrate why retailers need to obsess over the customer experience;
  • Identify the limitations and “pain points” of traditional POS systems; and
  • Show how a unified, cloud-based ERP can help retailers across all categories meet the everchanging demands of the modern customer.

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