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Rebooting The Retail Store Through In-Store Automation

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RTP: Capgemini 01-2020

Automation offers exciting promise in retail – to reduce costs, make employees more productive and improve the customer experience. Consumers see automation as a way to help them solve many of the challenges they encounter when they shop. Additionally, they are willing to reward retailers when they have a positive automation experience. 

Check out this report and discover how top retailers are rebooting their stores through in-store automation. Key findings include: 

  • 59% of consumers who have previously visited stores with automation would shift purchases to a store with automation technologies if they had a positive experience; 
  • 66% of consumers believe that automation can improve their shopping experience by solving the challenges they face when they shop in retail stores, such as long queues for checkout and payment; 
  • 69% of consumers overall prefer to shop with retailers that use automation technology to reduce food waste 

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