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Why Is It Still Hard To Get the Customer Journey Right?

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In highly competitive markets, winning (or losing) a customer often comes down to who can provide a truly excellent omnichannel customer experience. That means your customers move seamlessly from awareness, through evaluation, to finally making their purchase decisions. 

This survey report provides a detailed look into the state of the buyer’s journey. It reveals practical advice for marketers seeking higher conversion rates, better customer experiences and increased customer lifetime value (CLV). 

Key findings include: 

  • More than half of respondents say their biggest barrier to leveraging data is fragmented or siloed data, making it tough to get the accurate, integrated view of today’s complicated customer journeys.
  • Nearly half (48%) say they are not using a formal attribution strategy, making it difficult to know which efforts produced a sale.
  • Most (61%) report having three or more pre-purchase customer touchpoints, with about a third of all respondents (32%) reporting six or more touchpoints.  

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