Winning Inside the Store: Using Design and Technology to Reimagine Experiential Retail

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Winning Inside The Store

COVID-19 created the need for immediate visible changes in brick-and-mortar stores, but the pandemic also will have a deeper impact on the fundamentals of the in-store experience. Both store design and technology will need to shift as retailers redefine stores’ roles for post-pandemic shopper journeys.

Consumer expectations for convenience, efficiency and seamless fulfillment will be higher than ever before — and so will the need for human connection, which will serve as the driving force behind experiential spaces.

This Retail TouchPoints Special Report examines several elements of the store experience that will be in play as retailers seek to create truly successful shopping in a post-pandemic world — one where brand storytelling moves fluidly across all channels. Key topics will include:

  • Store exterior considerations such as curbside pickup, parking lot signage and store windows;
  • Rethinking store layouts both for navigation and for front-of-house space allocation for services such as BOPIS or pickup lockers;
  • Shopper psychology and mood: The impact of materials selections and other sensory considerations;
  • Hygiene solutions: Balancing safety and joy in the in-store experience, using fixtures made from materials that stand up to increased cleaning;
  • Personalization and appointment-based shopping to control traffic flow and better tailor the customer experience; and
  • Technology for touchless solutions and augmented experiences (e.g. AR/VR integration, mobile payment, sound immersion, etc.)

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