Most “Empty-Nesters” Consult The Web, Browse And Buy Via Mobile

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RR InfluenceCentral ImageAs many as 82% of “Empty-Nester Boomers” spend more time browsing for products online than in-store, according to a report from Influence Central and Vibrant Nation. Empty-Nester Boomers are characterized as shoppers born between the years 1946 and 1964 who do not have children living at home.

The Influence Central Consumer Insights Group conducted, programmed and analyzed the report, titled: Redefining Empty-Nesters: How The Power Generation Takes Control Of Consumer Purchasing. Influence Central and Vibrant Nation surveyed more than 600 American women 45 years and older via an online survey.

Empty-Nester Boomers also are versed in shopping with their mobile devices, as 65% said they use smartphones to look up product information, while 64% have made purchases using their tablets.


These findings align with the key result from the survey: 71% of Empty-Nesters disagree with the trope that they are “behind the times” and are disengaged with consumerism and pop culture. In fact, 68% consider themselves independent thinkers who are the first to try new things.

“Our research showed that a profound disconnect exists in how this generation sees themselves and how they’re viewed externally,” said Stacy DeBroff, CEO of Influence Central. “Today’s Empty-Nesters feel confident, tech-savvy and highly connective online, yet marketers still stereotype them as passively consuming traditional media and swept up in advertising. Empty-Nesters are embracing social media and today’s online recommendation culture, ignoring and disliking advertising, and completely redefining their consumer journey.”

For this generation, first- and third-person reviews play a key role in their purchasing decisions. To start the path-to-purchase, 90% of respondents search for an item online through Google or another search engine. Four out of five respondents consider first-person recommendations posted online before making a purchase, while 85% agreed that they would tell a lot of other people if they had either a positive or a negative experience with a new brand, product or service.

More than 85% of respondents trust third-person product reviews from retail sites such as or In addition, 45% of Empty-Nesters are more likely to purchase a product if it is recommended by a blogger they follow.

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