Tesco Signs Agreement To Add Cashierless Checkout

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(Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with new information)

Tesco is entered a commercial agreement with computer vision startup Trigo to introduce cashierless checkout technology in its stores. The technology detects when a customer picks up an item and automatically handles payments, letting shoppers who have entered their payment information into the app travel through the store and leave without needing to scan anything. Additionally, the system doesn’t require purpose-built stores so it can be retrofitted into existing locations.

Tesco has also made an equity investment in Trigo, which adds to earlier funding raised by the solution provider. Trigo’s computer vision technology also can help supermarkets track inventory in real time and prevent shoplifting.


“We see Tesco as the most forward-thinking grocer in the world,” said Michael Gabay, CEO of Trigo in a statement. “Tesco has always acted as a pioneer of innovation in the world of grocery, from e-Commerce to autonomation. This partnership is a huge vote of confidence in the future of checkout-free grocery. This partnership will allow us to move beyond piloting and onto scaling.”



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