UberMedia Introduces COVID-19 Recovery Insights Solution

  • August 13, 2020 at 4:33 AM EDT
  • By Cheryl Shainmark
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UberMedia has launched COVID-19 Recovery Insights, a dashboard tool that can help retail organizations develop their recovery strategies. Using mobile location data from a variety of sources, Recovery Insights focuses on 30 key metrics that are updated daily and can reflect how people are engaging with retailers and their community.

Developed with feedback from UberMedia’s current customers, which have been using the tool to build predictive models, understand movement patterns and validate business decisions, the COVID-19 Recovery Insights tool can work as a collaborative offering that combines a number of partnership data metrics, including retail, health, community engagement and purchase data.

Retailers can quickly access insights about locations of all sizes, facilitating a rapid response specific to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 Recovery Insights is designed to make raw GPS coordinates actionable by identifying visits within hand-drawn precise location polygons. UCSC Researchers, along with many other research institutions and business organizations, were early adopters of this tool.


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