Fast Simon Aims to Ensure the First Image Shoppers See is Truly Inspirational

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Fast Simon, formerly InstantSearch+, has launched the Display Merchandising Optimizer module for its AI shopping optimization solution. The solution uses AI technology to analyze shopping behavior, back-end sales history, image performance and other data signals, with the goal of presenting product images that are inspirational for shoppers.

Display Merchandising Optimizer aims to make the first image a shopper sees in a collection or landing page the one most likely to make them explore further. This functionality builds on the ordering and sorting of products, to help retailers create a personalized experience from the moment a consumer’s eyes see the page.

The new module is part of Fast Simon’s advanced AI retail merchandising solution, which is designed to automate online merchandising to maximize sales. Merchandisers can create personalized, targeted experiences with drag-and-drop editors, combined with rule-based automation and AI merchandising strategies for their merchandising campaigns.


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